Trading Post with John Gonzalez

February 21-March 4, 2012

Boston-based artist John Gonzalez will transform the BUAG Annex into a trading post where visitors are invited to bring items of personal value to exchange for the artist’s objects of personal value, which will be on display in the Annex. Visitors will be allowed to bring their own items and will be asked to explain their value to the artist who will listen to their story and decide which of his items is of equal importance to their item. Based on this information, Gonzalez will offer an item and if both parties agree, a transaction will take place and their item will replace Gonzalez’ item in the Annex. The new item will be available for trade and Gonzalez will draft a certificate for this new item. The artist will also provide a website with an online gallery, which will show all items available at the Trading Annex. Visitors may browse the online gallery, but all transactions will be made with the artist in person at the Trading Annex.

Visit to view items available for trade.