Current Leadership

Melvin Delgado, Ph.D.


Phone: 617-353-7722

Focus: Program Development and
Addictions Research

Dr. Delgado has been a faculty member at Boston University School of Social Work since 1979. Dr. Delgado has focused his research and scholarship on urban communities of color with particular attention to Latinos, and ways that collaboration can be established between organizations and indigenous community institutions. Since 1995, he has been the P.I. or Co-P.I. of over $3.5 million in grant support, including a NIDA grant for the establishment of a Center on Substance Abuse and Communities of Color at the School of Social Work. Much of his research thrust has been focused on developing a greater understanding of community cultural assets and how they can be incorporated into program design and planning. The use of urban nontraditional settings and community capacity enhancement has resulted in a number of pilot programs such as collaboration between health centers and botanical shops, use of Latina beauty parlors, and reaching out to Latino Pentecostal Churches to better serve the needs of Latinos who are abusing drugs. In addition, Dr. Delgado has paid close attention to programming involving urban youth conducting research, health promotion, and community organizing. The twenty-first century presents the social work profession with many challenges and opportunities. One of the biggest challenges will be how to conduct practice in undervalued urban communities, particularly those that are of color and low-income. Cities are undergoing rapid changes in ethnic and racial composition, necessitating practice and research approaches that are culturally competent and systematically build upon community assets. This charge is particularly relevant in the area of substance abuse in the nation’s urban areas where people of color are numerically highly concentrated.

Recent publications can be reviewed at: Dr. Delgado Publications