Center Staff

Taylor Hall, M.A.

Senior Data Analyst

Taylor Hall is a doctoral candidate currently pursuing her PhD in Sociology and Social Work. Currently, she works as a Senior Data Analyst at the Center for Addictions Research and Services. Ms. Hall graduated with an M.A. in Applied Sociology and a certificate in Forensic Services from UMass Boston. As a member of the National Organization of Forensic Social Workers (NOFSW) and the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), she is presenting at the NOFSW yearly conference in NYC this summer as well as at CSWE’s yearly conference in Tampa this fall. Ms. Hall has a strong background in evaluation research for both SAMHSA and BJA grants. Her research interests include the cycle of incarceration, reentry, and recidivism for drug offenders, as well as bridging the gap of services offered in prisons and the community for offenders as they leave prison.


Wooten, N. R., Al-Barwani, M. B., Chmielewski, J. A., Buck, J. E., Hall, T. L., Moore, L. L., Woods, A. C. (in press). A case study of social media and remote communications in military research: Examining military and deployment experiences of Army women. SAGE Research Methods Cases.