Community Development and Prevention

The Center’s community development and prevention services focus on empowering communities, coalitions and grass roots organizations by helping them build capacity to address substance abuse and HIV/AIDS problems in ways that are compatible with their culture, physical environment, membership, and goals. Areas include:

  • Community asset assessments focusing on unidentified resources and supports within neighborhoods and communities
  • Engagement of informal helping networks such as religious groups, herbalists, beauty parlors, pharmacies and grocery stores to implement prevention activities
  • Utilization of a Positive Youth Development approach in engaging youth to build community strength
  • Use of community murals, quilts, theater, and other group activities to assist in healing from violence, disease, trauma and loss

Community Development and Prevention Capability

The Center has the capacity to work with communities to reduce substance abuse problems and increase wellness through activities such as coalition building, advocacy, and conflict resolution. Center community development and consultation activities have included the following:

  • Working with school systems to help them utilize natural support systems for Latino high-risk youth
  • Training youth to undertake community-based needs assessments and other types of research
  • Methods for working with refugee and immigrant youth
  • Increasing the capacity of jails, prisons, probation departments, and parole systems to respond to the needs of prisoners of color
  • Culturally competent research and practice with Latino elders
  • Culturally competent substance abuse prevention and treatment