Consultation on Clinical Services and Programming

The Center’s consultation on clinical services and programming focuses on the needs of substance abuse agencies and methods for improving client care. Areas include:

  • Helping addiction agencies adopt evidence-based treatment practices
  • Culturally-responsive substance abuse treatment
  • Development of logic models to guide service delivery
  • Designing improved assessment methods and individualized treatment plans
  • Measurement of client outcomes
  • Refining the methods and focus of clinical and administrative supervision

Consultation Capability

The Center has the capacity to work with a range of treatment programs including inpatient, outpatient, residential, and methadone settings. Consultation is available on the delivery of services to individuals, groups, families, and special populations such as adolescents, pregnant and parenting women, racial/ethnic minorities, and the elderly.

Center consultation to treatment agencies has included activities such as the following:

  • Examination and restructuring of group treatment methods
  • Redesign of intake and assessment procedures
  • Integration of methods for assisting dually-diagnosed clients
  • Record-keeping methods for ensuring that treatment plans respond to needs identified at intake and assessment
  • Development of an agency treatment philosophy and procedures for implementing it
  • Formation and support of consumer advisory committees
  • Integration of evidence-based treatment methods such as Motivational Interviewing
  • Development of staff guidelines for non-compliant clients
  • Parameters for deciding on the use of individual counseling, group treatment, family intervention, and other clinical methods
  • Methods for increasing client access and retention