Ranger Challenge

Ranger Challenge is considered the varsity sport of Army ROTC.

Each year, the competition, for 1 st Brigade is held at Devens, MA, which is the home for ROTC’s 1st Brigade/ Eastern Region. Those schools, which field a team, provide nine primary members and one alternate, which make up a squad. These squads participate in a series of eight events over the course of the competition weekend. These squads are compiled from the best cadets in each host school’s ROTC Battalion. The events for the competition are the one rope, first aid, obstacle courses, zodiac courses and weapons a/d.


Latest from Ranger Challenge:


Saturday October 6th  (Pictures)

Weapons Weekend

Saturday September 29th

Select members of the Ranger Challenge team were brought to a firing range at Fort Devens to fire AT-4s.  Cadet Andreason, Manelski, Maher and Wojo were chosen to fire the anti-tank weapons as a special event for our work in Ranger Challenge and in the battalion. It was something that no one else in ROTC has been given the opportunity to do and something many active duty soldiers don’t even do. Needless to say, it put a huge grin on our faces to be doing some incredible training thanks to SFC Chapman and MSG Doonan. (Pictures)