Inside This Issue:


Arion 24.2 Fall 2016


Essays and Verse

Boris Johnson votes for Classical Greece

Mary Bergstein laments the history of Palmyra

A short poem by David Podgurski

The Chimaira: Johan Tralau on Oresteia, Justice, and a Mythic Monster

Robert Lloyd Mitchell: The Republic and imagination

Blot: a poem by Josephine Balmer

Stephen Eide and Keith Whitaker advocate for Xenophon’s gentlemen

Plants’ Interconnected Lives by Claudia Zatta

M.D. Usher : a villanelle titled Out of Shakespeare


L’Appassionata: An American memory recollected by Fred Licht


Ovid, Michelangelo, and the Non Finito: Paul Barlosky and the unfinished in art

Michael Walton reviews Stephanie Nelson’s Aristophanes and His Tragic Muse

Three Phaedra(s) Too Many: Phaedra(s) of Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe, reviewed by Helaine L. Smith