Inside This Issue:

Arion 22.3 Winter 2015

Essays and Verse

Four Poems
Lawrence Dugan


A Tribute to My Father
Jonathan Rosand

The Iliad, Book 24
(Translated by Peter Green)

David Gomes Cásseres

The Coming Classics Revolution
Part I: Argument
Colin Wells

Florilegium Housmanianum
Tom Keeline

Eleni and Her Rhapsodists
James Nikopoulos

Two Poems
George Kalogeris


Frogspawn: A Play for Radio
J. Michael Walton


Ned Warren’s Passion: The Life and Work
of a Uranian Connoisseur
Michael Matthew Kaylor (ed.), The Collected Works
& Commissioned Biography of Edward Perry Warren.
Thomas K. Hubbard

Dionysus as Global Rorschach
Erika Fischer-Lichte, Dionysus Resurrected: Performances
of Euripides’
The Bacchae in a Globalizing World.
Marianne McDonald

Philoctetes Amidst the Treacle: Stink Foot
at the Yard Theatre, Hackney
Adapted and directed by Jeff James and presented
by Jessica Campbell and Dem Productions.
Justine McConnell