Volume 19

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Essays and Verse

Antinous’ Lips: A Note on the Slippery Matter of Realism in Portraiture
Amelia Arenas

Ovid in Rushdie, Rushdie in Ovid: A Nexus of Artistic Webs
Ioannis Ziogas

Reading the Classics
E. T. Jeremiah

On Doing the Truth in Time:
The Aeneid’s Invention of Poetic Prophecy
William Franke

Horace through Johnson (ii): The Prodigal Heir
“A Short Song of Congratulations”: Horace, Johnson, and Satire
Kenneth J. Reckford

On the Sarcophagi
Mark Anthony Signorelli

Selected Epigrams
Sir Thomas More
(Translated by Susan McLean)

The Neuroscience of the Tragic Mask
Peter Meineck


Spotting an Elephant
Stephen Mitchell and Peter van Nuffelen, eds. Monotheism Between Pagans and Christians in Late Antiquity.
Colin Wells

“The Greatest Historian” In New English
Thucydides The Peloponnesian War, translated by Martin Hammond, notes by P. J. Rhodes.
Steven J. Willett

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Essays and Verse

Three Poems
Valerie Wohlfeld

Philip Marlowe Meets the Art Historian
Paul Barolsky

Improvisations on Salvatore Quasimodo
Martin Bennett

Who Owns Reason?
Colin Wells

The Shield and the Lyre:
Archilochian Inspirations
Michael Andrews

Rembrandt: The “I” Witness
Zhenya Gershman

Facing the Minotaur: Inception (2010) and Aeneid 6
Julia D. Hejduk

The Heritage of Jacqueline de Romilly
David Bouvier

Two Poems
Christopher Nield


Clodia Muses
Marguerite Johnson


Homer Who?
M. L. West, The Making of the Iliad: Disquisitions and Analytical Commentary
Norman Austin

A Thick-Skulled Rationalist
Wisława Szymborska, Here
Myles Weber


A Crusade for the Humanities: From the Letters of Cardinal Bessarion
(Translated by Avi Sharon)

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Essays and Verse

On Pope Benedict’s Address to the Bundestag
Werner Herzog

The Listening Heart: Reflections on the Foundations of Law
His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

Homecoming and the Humic: Eleanor Wilner, Brian Jungen, and Derek Walcott
Andrea Nightingale

After Du Fu
Steven J. Willett

The Enlightenment Gone Mad (I) The Dismal Discourse Of Postmodernism’s Grand Narratives
Rainer Friedrich

Virgil and Heaney: “Route 110”
Michael C. J. Putnam

Defining Defending Odysseus
Charles Rowan Beye

Orpheus’ Plea (“Prière d’Orphée”)
Marie-Jeanne Durry
(Translated by John Fraser)

Did Williams Do Ethics?
Raymond Geuss


The Alexandrian Iliad
Caroline Alexander,
The War That Killed Achilles:
The True Story of Homer’s “Iliad” and the Trojan War.
James Tatum