Volume 18

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Essays and Verse

Hiding in Plain Sight, Yet Again: An Unseen Attribute, An Unseen Plan, and A New Analysis of the Portland Vase Frieze
Randall Skalsky

Escape from d-minor: Mozart’s Encounter with Ancient Tragedy in Idomeneo
Martin Mueller

Hadrian, Hellenism, and the Social History of Art
Caroline Vout

Praxilla’s List
Jefferson Hunter

Achilles As Eathwork
Mark Rudman


The Line of the Horizon (Selected Scenes)
Christos Vakalopoulos
(Translated by Avi Sharon)


A Tragic Romp?
Orestes: A Tragic Romp, translated/adapted by Anne Washburn, directed by Aaron Posner; Folger Theater
, translated by Marianne McDonald and J. Michael Walton, directed by Douglas Lay; The Theatre, Inc., San Diego.
Mary-Kay Gamel

Leaving Athens: Classics for a New Century?
Page duBois, Out of Athens: The New Ancient Greeks

Charles Martindale

Missing Stones Speak: The New Acropolis Museum and the Mysterious Case of Vanished Athenian Imperialism
The Acropolis Museum: Professor Dimitrios Pandermalis, Director; Bernard Tschumi, Architect.
Bronwen L. Wickkiser

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Essays and Verse

How Did God Get Started?
Colin Wells

Three Sonnets on Three Legends
Valerie Wohlfeld

Stodgy Historicism and the Ancient Novel
Brendan Boyle

There is No Such Thing as Narrative Art
Paul Barolsky

The Allegory of the Waterworks
Lawrence Dugan

Translating Classical Visions in Berloiz’s Les Troyens
Emily Pillinger

Satires I.5, 50-70
(Translated by J. Michael Walton)


Identity, Property, and the Past
Raymond Geuss

In Memoriam

A Hero for our Time: Bernard Knox
Marianne McDonald

Vol. 18.3Arion17.1Cover:Arion 15.1 Cover

Essays and Verse

The Greek Invention of the Human
Herbert Golder

Poems Written After the Death of Laura
Francesco Petrarca (A Reading by Nicholas Kilmer)

Horace Through Johnson (1): The Sky Odes
Kenneth J. Reckford

Archilochus Poems
Michael Andrews

The Dendur Temple in New York: The Gallus Connection
R. J. Shork

Satire XI
Juvenal (Translated by Alistair Elliot)

Giotto’s Fleeing Apostle
Paul Barolsky

Greek Poets and Strangers: A Memoir
Diskin Clay

Between Daughter and Father
Keyne Cheshire

Forum: Marathon 2500

The Other Marathon
Herbert Golder

“Marathon-Lost! What if…”
Paul Cartledge

Marathon and Athenian “Collaboration”
Loren J. Samons II

My Marathon Journey
Stamatis N. Astra


Anthologizing Greek Poetry
Steven J. Willett