Volume 17

Vol. 17.1Arion17.1Cover:Arion 15.1 Cover

Essays and Verse

Placing Thebes and Ithaca in Eastern Europe: Kundera, the Greeks, and I
Dana L. Munteanu

Marcus C. De Vaca

Pygmalion’s Doll
Paul Barolsky and Eve D’Ambra

Black Antigone and Gay Oedipus: Postcolonial Dramatic Legacies in the New South Africa
Marianne McDonald

Agamemnon: A Poem in Several Voices
(translated by Karen Simons)

Historical Anthropology? Comparative Anthropology?
Marcel Detienne
(translated by Janet Lloyd)

Nietzsche, Freedom, and Writing Lives
Tom Stern

Greece Is This Run-Down
Erica Wright

Achilles in the Alleyway: Bob Dylan and Classical Poetry and Myth
Thomas E. Strunk


Two Eternal Cities on a Collision Course?
Martin Goodman, Rome and Jerusalem:
The Clash of Ancient Civilizations
Erich S. Gruen

A Homer for the Twenty-first Century

Barbara Graziosi and Emily Greenwood, eds.,
Homer in the Twentieth Century: Between World Literature and the Western Canon
Stephen Scully

“These are men whose minds the Dead have ravished”
Theater of War / The Philoctetes Project, directed by Bryan Doerries
Peter Meineck

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Essays and Verse

Goals, Origins, Disciplines
Raymond Geuss

E. Louise Beach

Possession and Pneuma: The Essential Nature of the Delphic Oracle
Peter Green

Tim’s Ajax
Lawrence Dugan

Michelangelo’s Wet Nurse
William E. Wallace

St. Peter’s Creek, 23 July
T. O’Hara

The Backward Glance
Shane Butler

From Hades to Zeus and Demeter
Georgia Syribeys


Tyranny of the Text: The Bacchae
Euripides, The Bacchae; translated by Nicholas Rudall; directed by Joanne Akalaitis; original music by Phillip Glass; produced by The Public Theater at the Delacortt Theater

Peter Meineck

“By Means of Performance”: Western Greek Mythological Vase-Paintings, Tragic “Enrichment,” and the Early Reception of Fifth-century Athenian Tragedy
Oliver Taplin, Pots and Plays: Interactions between Tragedy and Greek Vase-painting of the Fourth Century B.C.
Ismene Lada-Richards

In Memoriam

Pour Jean-Pierre Vernant: En profonde amitié

(English version)

Marcel Detienne
(translated by Janet Lloyd)

Vol. 17.3Arion17.1Cover:Arion 15.1 Cover

Essays and Verse

On the Absolute, the Sublime, and the Ecstatic Truth
Werner Herzog

Three Persephone Poems
Valerie Wohlfeld

“Most musical of mourners, weep again!”: Titian’s Triumph of Marsyas
David Rosand

The Iliad and The Seven Samurai
Herbert Golder

The View from the Zenith
Karl Johnson

The Rise and Fall of Dionysus: Suzuki Tadashi and Greek Tragedy
Marianne McDonald

Let’s Kiss Like They Do in the Movies
Jessica Harman

Hippocrates’ Oath
(Translated by Amelia Arenas)

Three Poems
Diana Lueptow

The Inky Digit of Defiance
Tony Harrison

A Strip Tease and a Predicament: Two Ovidian Moments circa 1600
Paul Barolsky


“Impossible Things”: Editing and Translating C. P. Cavafy’s Unfinished Poems
C.P. Cavafy, The Unfinished Poems: The first English translation, with introduction and commentary by Daniel Mendelsohn.
Karen Emmerich

Haag’s Many Alexandrias
Michael Haag, Alexandria: City of Memory and Vintage Alexandria: Photographs of the City, 1860-1960.
Bruce Redwine