Volume 16

Vol. 16.11

Essays & Verse

Feminism: Past and Present: Ideology, Action, and Reform
Camille Paglia

The Melting Mirage of Lawrence Durrell’s White City
Bruce Redwine

Translating Housman and Housman Translating
Colin Sydenham

Dionysus the Leprechaun: Genre, Identity, and Parody in Derek Mahon’s Bacchae
Simon Perris

Two Poems
Adam L. Dressler

The Metamorphoses of Autochthony in the Days of National Identity
Marcel Detienne
(translated by Janet Lloyd)

The Appeal of Dystopia: Latching onto Greek Drama in the Twentieth Century
Martin Revermann

Two Genders of the Soul
Regarding the Love God

Maria Rybakova

Time and the City Boy: Odes 1.9
(translated by Karl Johnson)

Culture as Ideal and as Boundary
Raymond Geuss

Consider This
John Savoie

Obermann of Troy
Peter Ackroyd, The Fall of Troy
Roderick Beaton

Electrifying Electra
Sophocles, Electra. The Greek National Theatre, directed by Peter Stein
Howard Stein

Talking the Talk at Tusculum
Richard Nelson, Conversations at Tusculum
Peter Meineck

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Essays & Verse

Final Cut: The Selection Process for Break, Blow, Burn
Camille Paglia

The Singular Circumstance of an Errant Papyrus
R.J. Schork

From Erotikos Logos
George Seferis
(translated by Avi Sharon)

“Interrogation of the Past”: Henry James and William Wetmore Story
Elizabeth Powers

Elegy 1.10
(translated by Steven J. Willett)

Utopian and Post-Utopian Paradigms in Classical Political Thought
Ryan K. Balot

From Book Eleven
(translated by Garry Wills)

Auto-Hagiography: Augustine and Thoreau
Andrea Nightingale

Quid Autem Amo
(translated by Amelia Arenas)

The Mystery of Socrates’ Last Words
Colin Wells


The Scream
Tony Harrison, Fram; directed by Tony Harrison and Bob Crowley, National Theatre, London

Rebecca Nemser

Visions of Homer
Emmanuel Schwartz, The Legacy of Homer: Four Centuries of Art from École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, Paris
Michael Lynn-George

Antigone Revisited
Sophocles, Antigone; translated by Seamus Heaney as The Burial at Thebes; directed by Lucy Pitman-Wallace with the Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company
Howard Stein

Vol. 16.3Arion_16.3Cover

Essays and Verse

Anne Carson

Two Poems
Aaron Poochigian

Homer and the Poetic Origins of Art History

Paul Barolsky

Four Poems

Karl Kirchwey

Horace: Early Master of Montage
Elizabeth Jones

Quantum distet (Odes 3.19)
(translated by Elizabeth Jones)

Uncanny Homer
Norman Austin

My Cousin is Medea: Styria, Winter 2006
Kristin Weißenberger

Theobald and Lintott: A Footnote on Early Translations of Greek Tragedy
J. Michael Walton

Two Odes
(translated by John Talbot)

From Taurus and Europa in St. Petersburg
Paul Nemser


Comic Business in Aristophanes
Martin Revermann, Comic Business: Theatricality, Dramatic Technique, and Performance Contexts of Aristophanic Comedy
Ian Ruffell

Theater as a Humanizing Force
Paul Woodruff, The Necessity of Theater: The Art of Watching and Being Watched
Howard Stein