Volume 15

Vol. 15.1ArionCvr

Essays & Verse

Religion and the Arts in America
Camille Paglia

Two Poems
Rachel Hadas

Sailing Homer’s Baltic: “Or Is This All Hallucination?”
William Mullen

Odyseas Elytis
(translated by Avi Sharon)

Philosophical Training Grounds: Socratic Sophistry and Platonic Perfection in Symposium and Gorgias
Joshua Landy

Elegy 1.3: A Chopin Nocturne on War
(translated by Steven J. Willett)

Drama / Fiction

Medea—The Beginning
Marianne McDonald

Jason—The End
Athol Fugard


My Recent Experience with Versions of Antigone
Antigone by Jean Anouilh;
The Queen written by Peter Morgan, directed by Stephen Frears;
The Burial at Thebes by Seamus Heaney
Howard Stein

Mirage in the Movie House
300 directed by Zack Snyder
Tom Holland

Vol. 15.2

Essays and Verse

Piero Di Cosimo’s Ovidian Diptych
John F. MillerArion 13.3 Cover

Three Poems: Translation and Imitations
Karl Johnson

“A Man Most Awesome and Most Gentle”: In Memoriam Thomas Rosenmeyer
Marianne McDonald

Imagination versus Attention:
Simone Weil Translating the Iliad

M. Rybakova

Some Epigrams
(translated by Susan McLean)

Paideia in America: Ragged Dick, George Babbitt, and the Problem of a Modern Classical Education
Clinton W. Marrs


Plato’s New Dialogue:
Thomas M. Mulligan

Tony Harrison: For His Seventieth

Man Enough
Herbert Golder

Classics, Class, and Cloaca: Harrison’s Humane Coprology
Edith Hall

Tony Harrison and Jocelyn Herbert: A Theatrical Love Affair
Hallie Rebecca Marshall

Postcards From a Well-Traveled Poet
Trish Montemuro

Performing Tony Harrison
Barrie Rutter


The Screen of Orpheus
Tony Harrison, Collected Film Poetry
Nick Lowe

Towards a Philology of Body Oil: Martin Winkler and Troy
Martin Winkler, ed. Troy: From Homer’s Iliad to Hollywood Epic
Gideon Nisbet

Transatlantic Reviews
Euripides, The Bacchae, Edinburgh International Festival
Ellen McLaughlin, The Greek Plays

Peter Meineck

Vol. 15.3

Essays & Verse

From Book One Arion 15.1 Cover
(translated by Garry Wills)

Layered Allusions in Gladiator
Ward Briggs

So What Is the Sex of Mythology?
Marcel Detienne
(translated by Janet Lloyd)

Deserts and Gardens: Herodotus and The English Patient
Rachel D. Friedman

Richard Rorty at Princeton: Personal Recollections
Raymond Geuss

Wars and Rumors of War: Georgics 1.461-514
(translated by Kimberly Johnson)

Drama / Fiction

Poor Saint
Alexandros Papadiamandis
(translated by Avi Sharon)


On Wenlock Edge
Niall Rudd


Divine Law and Modernity
Remi Brague, The Law of God: The Philosophical History of an Idea
Aaron Tugendhaft

From “Summoning the Presbyterians” to Re-remembering the Past: Or,  What J. Michael Walton has Found in Translation
J. Michael Walton, Found in Translation: Greek Drama in English
Lorna Hardwick

Aristophanes and the Meaning of Meaning
Charles Platter,  Aristophanes and the Carnival of Genres
Stephanie Nelson


Winckelmann at the Vatican Library
Nello Vian
(translated by Louis A. Ruprecht, Jr.)