Volume 14

Vol. 14.1Arion14.1Cvr-Thumbnail.1

Essays and Verse

Venus in the Afterlife
Valerie Wohlfeld

The Old Corycian Virgil
(translated by Kimberly Johnson)

Navigating the Uncertain: Literature and Censorship in the Early Roman Empire
Vasily Rudich

Cleopatra: The Sphinx Revisited
Peter Green

A Theatrical Poetics: Recognition and the Structural Emotions of Tragedy
Giulia Sissa

George Seferis
(translated by Roderick Beaton)

Re-Casting Antiquity: Pompeii and the Crystal Palace
S.J. Hales

Three Poems
Rachel Hadas


Jill Scott, Electra After Freud: Myth and Culture
Peter Gay

Live from New York: Hip Hop Aeschylus and Operatic Aristophanes
Will Power, The Seven
Mark Adamo, Lysistrata or The Nude Goddess

Peter Meineck

Vol 14.2

Essays Arion14.2CoverThumbnail

Reception: Some Caveats (With Special Reference to the Aeneid)
Niall Rudd

The Return of the Myth: Athol Fugard and the Classics
Marianne McDonald

Benson, Mushri, and the First English Oresteia
J. Michael Walton

The Great Soul Robbery in Sophocles’ Philoktetes
Norman Austin


The House of Odysseus
Barry B. Powell


Pacific Coast Classicism:
Hippolytus at the Getty Villa, Euripides’ Hippolytus
Peter Meineck

Translating Catullus
Peter Green, The Poems of Catullus: A Bilingual Edition
Steven J. Willet

From the Front

Tian Yu Cao

Vol. 14.3

Essays & Verse

Hughes, Plath, and Aeschylus: Allusion and Poetic Language ArionCvr14.3
Michael Silk

Greek Lyrics
Salvatore Quasimodo
(translated by Martin Bennett)

Why Monotheism
Jean Soler
(translated by Janet Lloyd)

Night-Vision: Epicurean Eschatology
Andrea Nightingale

A Hellenistic Garland
(translated by Peter Green)

Ovid’s Protean Epic of Art
Paul Barolsky

Cold War Romans
Margaret Malamud


Inspired by The Persians
The Persians: The National Theatre of Greece at the New York City Center
Howard Stein