Volume 13

Vol 13.1cover 13.1

Essays and Verse

From Hecuba
(translated by Tony Harrison)

Sophoclean Diptychs: Modern Translations of Dramatic Poetry
David Wiles

What is “Classical” about Classical Antiquity? Eight Propositions
James I. Porter

Anthropology and Classics
Marcel Detienne

Lives and Afterlives of Lucian of Samosata
Daniel Richter

Eros in Plato’s Phaedrus and the Shape of Greek Rhetoric
Harvey Yunis

Nicholas Kilmer


A Sword in Pity’s Hand: It Shall Prove that Right Still Lives Among Nations
Gilbert Murray


Greek Tradition Revisited
Margaret Alexiou, After Antiquity: Greek Language, Myth, and Metaphor
J. C. B. Petropoulos, Eroticism in Ancient and Medieval Greek Poetry
David Ricks


Model of a Lesser God
Oliver Stone, Alexander
Jon Solomon

Moderno Uso
Sandow Birk and Marcus Sanders, Dante’s Commedia
Peter S. Hawkins

Vol 13.2cover 13.2

Essays and Verse

The Sculptural Moment in Pindar
Paolo Vivante

Last Stop
George Seferis
(translated by Roderick Beaton)

From the Civiliation of Prometheus to Genetic Engineering: The Role of Technology and the Uses of Metaphor
Claude Calame

Homeric Simile
Francis Blessington

Early Travellers to Lesbos
Peter Green

The Plague
(translated by Kimberly Johnson)

Dionysus Now: Dionysian Myth-History in the Sixties
John Carlevale

Beatus Ille
(translated by Elizabeth Jones)

Greek Laughter and the Problem of the Absurd
Stephen Halliwell

Peripheral Vision
Rachel Hadas

Ovid, Bernini, and the Art of Petrification
Paul Barolsky


Traditions and Translations: Hebrew, the Bible, and Their Afterlife in Modern Literature
Robert Alter, The Five Books of Moses: A Translation with Commentary
Ken Frieden

What’s Hecuba to Me?
Hecuba: The Royal Shakespeare Company at the Brooklyn Academy of Music; translated and directed by Tony Harrison
Howard Stein


Vol 13.3

Essays and Versecover 13.3

Erich Neumann: Theorist of the Great Mother
Camille Paglia

Dante’s Greeks
Glenn W. Most

Two Poems
Valerie Wohlfeld

Greek Tragedy, Chekhov, and Being Remembered
Oliver Taplin

Doing Comparative Anthropology in the Field of Politics
Marcel Detienne
(translated by Janet Lloyd)

On Oldness
(translated C.W. Marshall)

Fragments from a Correspondence
Guy Davenport
(edited by Nicholas Kilmer)


“I Had Set Myself Against Latin”: Ted Hughes and the Classics
Ted Hughes, Collected Poems
John Talbot