Volume 11

Vol. 11.1cover 11.1

Essays and Verse

Poetry and Knowledge
Raymond Geuss

Theorese and Science Envy in the Humanities: A New Take on the Two Cultures Divide
Rainer Friedrich

Ultimo Canto di Saffo
Giacomo Leopardi
(translated by Steven J. Willett)

Twelve Theses on Antique Culture
Aleksei Fedorovich Losev
(translated by Oleg Kreymer and Kate Wilkinson)

The Past in the Present: Photographs of Classical Art in the Writings of E. M. Forster
Graham Smith

Nietzsche’s “Daimonic Force” of Tragedy and Its Ancient Traces
Stephen Halliwell

Voices From The Front

Ancient Greek Tragedy on the Stage
Mary Louise Hart, Oliver Taplin, Sir Peter Hall,
Peter Sellars, Peter Stein, and Lydia Koniordou

Vol 11.2

Essays and Verse

Dionysos, Money, and Drama
Richard Seafordcover 11.2

Graeco-Roman Ruins in the New World
Blaise D. Staples

Two Poems
Gottfried Benn
(translated by Teresa Iverson)

Ovid’s Web
Paul Barolsky

Cutting Edge Production: Medea (November 2003)
Mark Rudman

The Artful Mythographer: Roberto Calasso and The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony
Robert Shorrock

Longing for the Best:
Plato on Reconciliation with Imperfection

Charles L. Griswold, Jr.


Amid Our Troubles
Marianne McDonald and J. Michael Walton, eds., Amid Our Troubles: Irish Versions of Greek Tragedy

Fiona Macintosh

Twenty-first Century Horace and the End of a Shared Culture
J. D. McClatchy, ed., Horace, The Odes: New Translations by Contemporary Poets

John Talbot


Poetry, Knowledge, and Dr. Geuss

Glenn W. Most






Vol 11.3cover 11.3

Essays and Verse

The Magic of Images: Word and Picture in a Media Age
Camille Paglia

A Cherry Tree By The River
Nicholas Kilmer

Alcestis and the Ancient Rehearsal Process (P. Oxy. 4546)
C.W. Marshall

Touching Words: Finding Tradition Through Translation Among Seferis, Eliot, and Keats
Avi Sharon

Antigone in Her Tomb
Dallas Crow

Twelve Black Classicists
Michele Valerie Ronnick

Lesbia Replies
Susan McLean


A Lament for Loraux
Nicole Loraux, The Mourning Voice: An Essay on Greek Tragedy
Daniel Mendelsohn, Gender and the City in Euripides’ Political Plays

Mary Maxwell

Tragedy Redux
Marianne McDonald, Sing Sorrow: Classics, History, and Heroines in Opera

Robert Eisner

Faith for the Fight
Robert D. Kaplan, Warrior Politics: Why Leadership Demands a Pagan Ethos

Barry Strauss

A Company of Citizens
Brook Manville and Josiah Ober, A Company of Citizens: What the World’s First Democracy Teaches Leaders about Creating Great Organizations

Charles Handy


Plato, Romanticism, and Thereafter

Raymond Geuss