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About Our Journal

Arché is a student-run, undergraduate journal of philosophy at Boston University. We endeavor to highlight exceptional undergraduate scholarship, providing undergraduate students with a rare opportunity to publish their work for a general philosophical readership. The journal is produced by the Undergraduate Philosophy Association at BU, and is published in the late spring. All submissions are reviewed by the editorial board using a blind-review procedure. Selected submissions are then forwarded to a graduate student referree.

The editors of Arché believe that in order for philosophy to flourish in modern society, its practice cannot be restricted to a closed community of academics. As such, Arché offers a forum for undergraduates to publish their philosophical work. Submissions, which may cover any field of philosophy and style of discourse, are written, selected, edited and revised entirely by undergraduates. A board of professional reviewers provides suggestions and advice for improving their academic quality. The editors are especially interested in novel philosophical work, urging budding philosophers not to merely learn their history, but to contribute meaningful ideas to the philosophic community.

Many thanks to our sponsors and supporters, who have included the Student Union Allocations Board; the CAS Department of Philosophy; the Office of the Provost; the CAS Core Curriculum; and the NEH Distinguished Teaching Professorship.

Arché is published by the Boston University Undergraduate Philosophy Association under the auspices of the Department of Philosophy. All correspondence and submissions should be emailed to arche@bu.edu or addressed to our address below.

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