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No. 5, 2012-13
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Letter from the Editors

In Defense of Stoicism
Alex Henderson, Georgetown University

Locke on Nominal vs. Real Essence, and the Identities of Substances: Why a Mass of Matter and an Oak Tree Can Be in the Same Place at the Same Time
Michelle Mary Dyke, Yale University

A Defense of Epistemic Responsibility
Corey Cusimano, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Reconciling Eros and Neuroscience: Maintaining Meaningful Expressions of Romantic Love in a Material World
Andrew Pellitieri, Boston University

Cover art by Marguerite Mooradian

Co-editors: Kelly Kearney and Jenna Kreyche. Associate Editors: Gina Curreri, Isaac Goldman, Logan Gowdey, Andrew Pellitieri, Will Seltzer, Jennie Snow and Alex Taubes. Managing Editor: Zachary Bos. Production Assistant: Anashya Srinivasan. Reviewers: Martin Black, John R. T. Grey, Jenna Kreyche and Ryan Priddle. Faculty Advisor: Professor Walter Hopp.

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