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No. 4, Spring 2010
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Foucault, Freedom, and the Limits of Modernity
Matthew Friberg, Oberlin College

Of Baseballs and Epiphenomenalism: A Critique of Merricks’ Eliminativism
Connor McNulty, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Synoptic Image: Fusing the Worldview Dichotomy
R. Brian Tracz, Boston College

Kant and Koch: Considerations on the Nature of Meaningful Knowledge
Dylan Rose, Boston University

Cover art by Annabel Osberg

Editor: Richard Cipolla. Associate Editors: Dylan Rose and Alex Taubes. Assistant Editors: Shayna Anderson-Hill, Lijo Chacko, Ruxandra Iordache, Jenna Kreyche, Nicholas Kyriacou, Andrew J. Pellitieri, William Seltzer, and Aaron Tsang. Proofreaders: Dylan Rose and Jenna Kreyche. Advising Editor: Zachary Bos. Art Director: Elenor F. Amari. External Reviewers: Jarrod L. Schaeffer, Stacey Goguen, John Grey, Josh McDonald, and Peter Moore. Faculty Advisor: Professor Walter Hopp.

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