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No. 3, 2009-10
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A Diagnosis for the Circularity of Anti-Skeptical Arguments
Rachel Bayefsky, Yale University

The Unity of Socratic Virtue: Towards a Middle Ground Between Identity and Inseparability
Douglas Kremm, University of Pittsburgh

Unjustified Veridical Memory-Belief
William J. Brady, University of North Carolina

The Symposium: An Acoustic Illusion
Peter Moore, Boston University


Cover art by Katherine Otlowski

Editor: Ted Stinson. Editors: Eleanor Amari, Shayna Anderson-Hill, Richard Cipolla, Megan Deye, Ruxandra Iordache, Olivia Rae Waters Kelman, Jenne Kreyche, Jen Lee, Peter Moore, Phil Moss, Haley Ott, and Alex Taubes. Production Manager: Richard Cipolla. Art Director: Eleanor Amari. Advising Editor: Zachary Bos. External Reviewers: Martin Black, Candice Delmas, Calvin Fisher, Monica Wong Link, Josh McDonald, Molly Pinter, Elizabeth Ann Robinson, and Chris W. Surprenant. Faculty Advisor: Professor Walter Hopp.

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