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No. 2, 2008-09
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Letter from the Editor

On Van Inwagen’s Argument Against the Doctrine of Arbitrary Undetached Parts
Wesley H. Bronson, Princeton University

Substance, Causation and Free Will in Spinoza and Leibniz
Ross Wolfe, Pennnsylvania State University

The Sound of Nietzsche’s “Long Bright Silence”: The Interpretation of Zarathustra as an End in Itself
Juliet Johnson, Boston University


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Editors: Ted Stinson, Peter Moore, Ruxandra Iordache, Jenna Kreyche, Haley Ott, Patrick Quinlan, and Shira Tiffany. Copy Editors: Shanna Slank and Dylan Rose. Managing Editor: Zachary Bos. External Reviewers: David M. Aleksic, Kirsten McKillop, Anthony R. Reeves, Gal Kober, J. R. T. Gray, Felipe Casadei, and Iskra Fileva. Faculty Advisor: Professor Walter Hopp.

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