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No. 1, 2007-08
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Personal Identity: Functionalism and the M-Relation
Matt Nugent, University of Pennsylvania

(Re)Thinking Plato’s Line: The Objects of Dianoia
Robert Kubala, Boston College

An Interview With Jaakko Hintikka
Dan Ryan, Boston University

Erratum: Due to editorial error, two works were omitted in the list of references for “(Re)Thinking Plato’s Line: The Objects of Dianoia” (Arché 1:1, pp.14-22): Robert E. Wood’s Placing Aesthetics: Reflections on the Philosophic Tradition (Athens, OH: Ohio University Press, 1999) and, by the same author, “Plato’s Line Revisited: The Pedagogy of Complete Reflection” (Review of Metaphysics, 44, March 1991).

Editors: Gus Cooney, Ruxandra Iordache, Haley Ott, Lauren Pearl, Dan Ryan, Elay Shech, Ted Stinson, and Giancarlo Tursi. Faculty Advisor: Professor Walter Hopp.

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