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Curtis Runnels published article in The Concord Saunterer

Professor Runnels has published a new article “Henry David Thoreau, Archaeologist?” in The Concord Saunterer 27 (2019): 42-67.  Thoreau had a famous ability to find stone tools, like arrowheads, around Concord.  In light of recent studies of his contributions to scientific fields like river hydrology, ecology, and the succession of forest trees, did Thoreau also […]

Professor Curtis Runnels seafaring research on the news

Professor Curtis Runnels, Chair Boston University Department of Archaeology, has published an article on his seafaring research in the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 42 (2016), 140-153,  titled “Middle Pleistocene sea-crossings in the eastern Mediterranean?”.  Click here for the article. Professor Runnels also had a story that ran on Suddeutsche Zeitung (a major German newspaper) about […]

NEW EPISODE 3: “Ask An Archaeologist !”

Published on Oct 28, 2013 In this episode, Boston University’s Department of Archaeology’s Professor, Curtis Runnels, answers questions gathered from social media and man-on-the-street questions. Ask an Archaeologist: Episode 3, Professor Curtis Runnels To submit questions: Email questions to ASORmedia@gmail.com with the subject “Ask An Archaeologist”. Use #AskAnArchaeologist on Twitter or Facebook. Tweet us directly […]

Elizabeth Mauer (CAS’15) Published her CAS AR206 research paper

Boston University Department of Archaeology undergraduate major, Elizabeth Mauer, was interested in some ancient textile fragments we have in the Gabel Museum of Archaeology while she was looking for a project to do in Professor Curtis Runnels course CAS AR 206, Ancient Technology.  Her research led to some experimental work, and here is a published […]