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Successful Archaeology PhD Defenses

Congratulations to Ilaria Patania, Allison Cuneo, and Zhengdong Guo for successfully defending their dissertation. Allison’s defense was Thursday, August 3 titled, “Heritage Management Challenges and Changes in Northern Iraq: The Rise of Kurdistan and the Islamic State Onslaught After the Fall of Saddam”. Ilaria’s was Friday, August 4 titled, “Site Formation Processes and Site Use […]

Ilaria Patania and Juan Vidal obtain fieldwork permit for their project in Megara Hyblaea, Italy

Ilaria Patania and Juan Vidal have recently obtained a fieldwork permit for the project they have spent the last 12 months hard-at-work devising, the Megara Hyblaea Cultural Heritage Project. The first field season is set to start in September. We can’t stress enough how indebted we are to the permit-granting agencies for their support and for their belief in […]

Ilaria Patania appears in archaeology documentary – Secrets of the Nolichucky River, E. Tennessee

Ilaria Patania appears in archaeology documentary – Secrets of the Nolichucky River at 37.25 span of the documentary. Click here to view the documentary. Published on Apr 8, 2017 Secrets of the Nolichucky River investigates a buried Native American village in upper East Tennessee that may may hold the key to a missing link in […]

BU Today coverage of BU Archaeology Cabinet of Curiosity & Unrolling of the Mummy

BU Today 10/31/2016 by Amy Laskowski Event director Ilaria Patania (GRS’17), a PhD candidate in archaeology, said unveiling parties were very fashionable occasions, hosted by those who could afford to buy a mummy as “entertainment for their house party,” and also by professors or hospitals, who would examine the relic in the name of science. […]

Ilaria Patania interview by BYUradio

Ilaria Patania, ABD graduate student, was interviewed by BYUradio show Top of Mind with Julie Rose. Recreating and Trying Out Ancient Recipes Guest: Ilaria Patania, Graduate Student in the Department of Archaeology, Director of the “Eating Archaeology” Project at Boston University One of the most important parts of traveling is tasting the local food. If […]

Congratulations to Justin, Alicia, Ilaria, and Dan for a great presentation of innovative geoarchaeological research at Boston University

Frontiers in Geoarchaeology Geological Society of America’s Annual Meeting: Baltimore, MA November 1 – 4, 2015 Presided by Dr. Laura Murphy (Far Western Anthropological Research Group) and Justin A. Holcomb (Boston University) At this year’s annual meeting of the Geological Society of America, Justin A. Holcomb (GRS ’19) co-presided a session titled: “Frontiers in Geoarchaeology” […]