Surface and Subsurface Mapping Equipment

Archaeology Equipment Manager: Ricardo Elia

Before requesting equipment, please see our Equipment Use Policy.

Equipment Use Policy

Aerial surveying, ground surveying, and geophysical equipment owned by the Department of Archaeology is available for research projects conducted and/or approved and overseen by BU Archaeology faculty. The list of available equipment is as follows:

Aerial Surveying Equipment

Freefly Systems Cinestar6 Hexacopter with Panasonic GH2 Digital SLR Camera (2013)
Contents: Hexacopter with camera and two 32GB SD cards; Graupner MX20 transmitter; three 6200 mAh batteries; Acer notebook; MKTools software.
Uses: Oblique and vertical aerial photography and videography from altitudes up to c. 250m. High-resolution orthophoto and DEM production. The height and density of ground cover is a limiting factor for DEM production.

Ground Surveying Equipment

Topcon HiPerLite+ Real-Time Kinematic GPS system (2009)GPS
Contents: Base and rover receivers, FC-200 data controller with TopSurv software, Topcon Tools desktop software, 2m carbon-fiber survey rod, tribach, and tripod.
Uses: Survey-grade static and kinematic differential GNSS surveying using both the GPS and GLONASS systems with achievable static accuracy in the range of 1-2cm depending on conditions. Requires open sky visibility for satellite reception and radio link between base and rover receivers; dense wooded and urban environments are problematic.

Topcon GTS-753 Electronic Total Station (2007)TS
Contents: Total station (integrated electronic transit and theodolite), on-board data controller with TopSurv software, Topcon Tools desktop software, retro-reflective prism, extendable prism rod, and tripod.
Uses: Survey-grade static survey with achievable static accuracy in the sub-centimeter range. Requires line of sight between total station and prism.

Garmin Handheld GPS12 (2001)
Contents: handheld GPS receiver and data-download cable.
Uses: Navigation-grade waypoint and track survey with achievable static accuracy in the range of 5-10m. Requires relatively open sky for satellite reception; dense wooded and/or urban environments are problematic.

Subsurface Geophysical Equipment

Geonics EM38 Electromagnetic Induction Meter (1996)EM38
Contents: EM induction meter; shoulder strap; Allegro DAS70-CX data controller and cables; software.
Uses: Measurement of conductivity and magnetic susceptibility to an effective depth of c.1-5m. Relatively efficient general-purpose subsurface mapping, particularly useful where high soil conductivity prevents effective GPR use.

Geonics EM31 Electromagnetic Induction Meter (1987)
Contents: EM induction meter; data logger and cables; software.
Uses: Same as EM38 but intended for deeper surveys (with effective depth of c. 6m) and thus well-suited to broader scale subsurface mapping.

Geometrics G858 Cesium Magnetometer (2000)Mag
Contents: cesium magnetometer with gradiometer option; data console and cables; batteries and battery charger; shoulder harness; Magmap 2000 v3.06 processing software.
Uses: Efficient mapping of subsurface magnetic anomalies in various modes.

Geographical Survey Systems, Inc. SIR-2000 Ground Penetrating Radar (2000)GPR
Contents: radar console and harness; battery charger and cables; antenna cable and trigger handle; survey wheel; 120MHz, 250 MHz, 400Mhz, and 900 MHz antennas.
Uses: Mapping of subsurface structural characteristics at varying depth resolutions, using the various antennas.