The following are dissertation titles of our PhD students.  Faculty click here for additional information.

2015 – Proposal

Laura Heath “Colonialism and Everyday Life: A Study of Ceramics, Domestic Spaces, and Ritual in Tlaxcala, Mexico”

2014 – Dissertations

Abigail Crawford “The Organization of Rural Production in Roman Central Tyrrhenian Italy, 200 B.C. to 400 A.D.”

Diana Gallagher “Cleanly in their persons and cleanly in their dwellings”: An Archaeological Investigation of Health, Hygiene, and Sanitation in 18th- and 19th-Century New England.

Alexandra Ratzlaff “The Maintenance of Empire: The Roman Army in the Negev (Palaestina Tertia) from the 1st – 7th Centuries CE.”

Kaoru (Kay) Ueda “An Archaeological Investigation of Hybridization in Bantenese and Dutch Colonial Encounters: Food and Foodways in the Sultanate of Banten, Java, 17th-Early 19th Century”

Nicholas “Tico” Wolff  “At Home in Prehistory: Critical Approaches to the Dwelt Environment of the South Italian Bronze Age”

Caitlin Chaves Yates “Beyond the Mound: Locating Complexity in Northern Mesopotamia during the ‘Second Urban Revolution’”


2014 – Proposal

Sara Belkin “Bringing Up the Byrnes:An Archaeological and Material Exploration of Irish Americanization at the Wakefield Estate, Milton, Massachusetts, 1890–1930″

Aviva A. Cormier “Population Dynamics, Migration, and the Rise of Classic Maya Civilization: A Biogeochemical Approach”

Allison Cuneo “Cultural resource management policy and fashioning identity in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq”

Anna Goldfield “Adaptive Responses by Hunter-Gatherers to Glacial Conditions in the Middle and Upper Paleolithic of Southwestern France”

Zhengdong Guo “The Intersection of Technology, Manufacture, and Society: An Analysis of Ceramic Building Materials of the Northern Wei Dynasty from Datong, Shanxi, China”

Jade W. Luiz “A House Recommended: The Sensory Archaeology of Sexuality, Embodiment, and Creation of Space in a Mid-Nineteenth-Century Brothel in Boston, Massachusetts”

Ilaria Patania “Micromorphological Analysis of the Early Pottery Sites of Yuchanyan and Xianrendong: A Study to Reconstruct Technological and Behavioral Innovation in the Late Upper Palaeolithic of South China”

Kristen Wroth “Neanderthal Adaptive Behavior and Climatic Variability during the Late Middle Paleolithic of Southwestern France”

Yining Xue “The Development of Agriculture in the Greater Zhouyuan Region from the Late Neolithic to Bronze Age (ca. 3500 – 800 B.C.)”