Chris Roosevelt

Associate Professor of Archaeology, Co-Director, Gygaia Projects (currently on leave)

  • Title Associate Professor of Archaeology,
    Co-Director, Gygaia Projects
    (currently on leave)
  • Office Room 351C
  • Phone (617) 358-1671
  • Education Ph.D., Cornell University, 2003

Curriculum Vitae


The Central Lydia Archaeological Survey (CLAS)
Gygaia Projects

Areas of interest

Classical Archaeology; landscape Archaeology; cities and topography of Asia Minor; Bronze and Iron Age Anatolia Archaeology; Lydian, Persian, and Greek interaction in western Anatolia; geographic information systems (GIS) applications in archaeology

Excavations and Fieldwork

Chris Roosevelt is a specialist in the archaeology of western Anatolia (Turkey) and specifically that of the Bronze and Iron Age civilizations emerging in the area best known as the ancient kingdom of Lydia. Since 2005, Roosevelt has co-directed (with Prof. Christina Luke) the Central Lydia Archaeological Survey (CLAS), a project that investigates cultural and environmental dynamics across central Lydian landscapes. Specifically, the project investigates long-term patterns of cultural activity in the area and aims to reconstruct past environmental conditions. CLAS was the first field program of Gygaia Projects (also co-directed with Luke). This cooperative initiative of activities is concerned with research and education in the areas of culture, environment, and tourism and aims to build collaborative partnerships for promoting the active production of knowledge, the sustainable management of cultural and natural heritage resources and tourism, and the fostering of long-term US-Turkish cultural interactions. The newest Gygaia Projects initiative is the Kaymakçı Archaeological Project (KAP), which will have its inaugural excavation season in summer 2014. KAP goals include increasing understanding of the emergence and maintenance of an indigenous kingdom situated between the better known spheres of the Hittites and Mycenaeans (in central Anatolia and the Aegean, respectively), through the excavation of a recently discovered and previously unexcavated regional capital of the Middle and Late Bronze Ages.

Representative Publications

Roosevelt, C. H. 2009. The Archaeology of Lydia, from Gyges to Alexander. Cambridge / New York: Cambridge University Press.

Roosevelt, C. H. 2012. “Iron Age Western Anatolia: The Lydian Empire and Dynastic Lycia.” In A Companion to the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, edited by D. Potts, vol. 2, 896–913. Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World. Malden, MA: Blackwell.

Roosevelt, C. H., and C. Luke. 2010. “Painted Tomb Chambers in Lydia.” In Renklerin Dönüsü – The Turn of Colours – Rückkehr der Farben. Catalogue of an Exhibit at the Yapı Kredi Vedat Nedim Tör Museum, İstanbul, edited by L. Summerer, 342–353. İstanbul: Yapı Kredi Culture, Art, and Publishing.

Roosevelt, C. H. 2010. “Lydia Before the Lydians.” In The Lydians and Their World. Catalogue of an Exhibit at the Yapı Kredi Vedat Nedim Tör Museum, İstanbul, edited by N. D. Cahill, 37–73. İstanbul: Yapı Kredi Culture, Art, and Publishing.

Luke, C., and C. H. Roosevelt. 2009. “The Central Lydia Archaeological Survey: Documenting the Prehistoric through Iron Age Periods.” In Tree-Rings, Kings, and Old World Archaeology and Environment: Papers Presented in Honor of Peter Ian Kuniholm, edited by S.W. Manning and M.J. Bruce, 199–218. Oxford: Oxbow Books.

Roosevelt, C. H. 2008. “Lale Tepe: A Remarkable Late Lydian Tumulus in the Hinterland of Sardis. Introduction, Excavation, and Finds.” In Love for Lydia. A Sardis Anniversary Volume Presented to Crawford H. Greenewalt, Jr., on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday, June 3, 2007, edited by N. D. Cahill, 1–29. Archaeological Exploration of Sardis, Report. Cambridge, MA: Archaeological Exploration of Sardis.

Roosevelt, C. H. 2008. “Stone Alabastra in Western Anatolia.” In New Approaches to Old Stones: Recent Studies of Ground Stone Artifacts, edited by Y. Rowan and J. Ebeling, 285–97. Approaches to Anthropological Archaeology Series. London: Equinox Publishing.

Kersel, M. M., C. Luke, and C. H. Roosevelt. 2008. “Valuing the Past: Perceptions of Archaeological Practice in Lydia and the Levant.” Journal of Social Archaeology 8.3: 298–319.

Roosevelt, C. H., and C. Luke. 2006. “Mysterious Shepherds and Hidden Treasures: the Culture of Looting in Lydia.” Journal of Field Archaeology 31.2: 185–98.

Roosevelt, C. H. 2006. “Tumulus Survey and Museum Research in Lydia, Western Turkey: Determining Lydian- and Persian-Period Settlement Patterns.” Journal of Field Archaeology 31.1: 61–76.

Roosevelt, C. H. 2006. “Symbolic Door Stelae and Graveside Monuments in Western Anatolia.” American Journal of Archaeology 110.1: 65–91.

Roosevelt, C. H., and C. Luke. 2006. “Looting Lydia: the Destruction of an Archaeological Landscape in Western Turkey.” In Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, and the Antiquities Trade, edited by N. Brodie, M. Kersel, C. Luke, and K. Walker Tubb, 173–87. Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida.


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