Christina Luke

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Field Archaeology

  • Title Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Field Archaeology
  • Office Room 351D
  • Phone 617-358-1672
  • Education PhD 2002, Cornell University

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Interest

Balkans; Anatolia; Central America

Excavations and Fieldwork

Christina Luke is an anthropological archaeologist who specializes in cultural heritage, ethnography and comparative field archaeology. She is especially interested in landscape studies as they relate to past and present land-use. She has two primary geographic areas of interest, Central America and the eastern Mediterranean, especially the Balkans and western Anatolia. Her current writing projects (articles) focus on Bronze and Iron Age datasets from field survey as well as a working book manuscript on cultural policy and development in Turkey, 17th c. to present. Her work is funded by the National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF). She teaches topic-based research seminars on her current areas of study in the Writing Program at Boston University, including the wrX and Arts Now initiatives.

Selected Publications

Luke, C. in press “Cultural sovereignty in the Balkans and Turkey: The politics of preservation and rehabilitation,” Journal of Social Archaeology 13(3).

Luke, C. and Roosevelt, C. in press “Memory and Meaning in Bin Tepe, The Lydian Cemetery of the “Thousand Mounds,” In Tumulus as Sema: Proceedings of an International Conference on Space, Politics, Culture and Religion in the First Millennium B.C., edited by O Henry and U. Kelp. TOPOI Excellence Cluster series. Berlin: De Gruyter.

Luke, C. and E. Cobb 2013  “Dwelling in Hacıveliler: social engineering policies in the context of space, place and landscape in rural, western Turkey,” Anatolian Studies 63: 155-173.

Luke, C. 2013 “From Boston to the Balkans: Olmsted’s Emerald Legacy” BHR (Boston Hospitality Review), The Chronicle of New England Hospitality Winter 1(2): 12-16.

Luke, C. and M. Kersel 2012 U.S. Cultural Diplomacy and Archaeology: Soft Power, Hard Heritage. Routledge.

Luke, C. 2012 “The Science behind U.S. Smart Power in Honduras: Archaeological Heritage Diplomacy,” Diplomacy & Statecraft 23(1): 110-139.

Luke, C. 2012 “Materiality and Sacred Landscapes: Ulua Style Marble Vases in Honduras, ” in Beyond Belief: Archaeology of Religion and Ritual, edited by Yorke Rowan, Arch. Div.,  American Anthro. Assoc. 21(1): 114-129.

Luke, C. 2012 “U.S. Policy, Cultural Heritage, and U.S. Borders,” International Journal of Cultural Property 19(2): 175-196.

Luke, C. (co-edited with N. Brodie, M. Kersel, and K. Walker Tubb) 2006 Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and the Antiquities Trade.University Press of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Recent Conferences Organized

“Cultural Corridors and Policies in the Balkans and Turkey.” Cultural Heritage Center, University of Pennsylvania. 15 April 2013.

Upcoming Presentations

The Power of Archaeology in Sustainable Diplomacy , 20 November at DACOR, Washington, D.C.

Recent Presentations

Luke, C. and Elvan Cobb 2013 Gendered Space in Company Enclaves: United Fruit (La Lima, Honduras), Abu Simbel (Egypt), and Demir Köprü (Gediz Valley, Turkey). GENDERED PERSPECTIVES IN DESIGN / Turkish and Global Context, An International Conference, 9-10 May 2013. Organized by Tevfik Balcioğlu and Gülsüm Baydar. Yaşar University, İzmir

Luke, C. 2013 “Impossible to Silence: Enduring Trauma and the Legacy of Vernacular Architecture in the Middle Gediz Valley, western Turkey, 1900-2011.” Annual CAA (College Art Association) meetings in session Destruction of Cultural Heritage in European Countries in Transition, 1990-2011, organized by Rozmeri Basic. New York City.

Luke, C. with Brad Sekedat and Chris Roosevelt 2013 “Tumulus of Alyattes, the Lake of Gyges, and archaic marble procurement in Central Lydia, western Turkey.” Annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Seattle.

Luke, C. with Peter Cobb, Brad Sekedat and Chris Roosevelt 2013 “A Tale of Three Places: Intensive Survey of Second-Millennium B.C.E. Sites in Western Anatolia.” Annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Seattle.

Luke, C. 2012 “Earth and Water: The making of cultural landscapes in the Gediz Valley, western Turkey.” Cultural Landscapes: Preservation Challenges in the 21 Century. Invited lecture. October 11-14, 2012, Rutgers University.

Luke, C. 2012 “From Columns to Corridors: An American Legacy in Restoration and Cultural Policy Abroad,” Wilike Lecturer, Archaeological Institute of America. 26 September at Pennsylvania State and 27 September at the University of Pennsylvania (and plenary lecture for the World Heritage Now UPenn conference).

Luke, C. 2012 “Sustainability Water and Cultural Diplomacy in the Gediz Valley: Maps, Communities and the International Development (World) Bank, Marshall Plan, USAID and others.” Invited lecture. World Heritage Now: Evaluating the Past, Present, and Future of UNESCO’S Cultural Policy Program. 28-29 September, Cultural Heritage Center, University of Pennsylvania.


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