Francesco Berna

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Adjunct Assistant Professor of Archaeology

website: francescoberna


PhD, University of Florence (Italy), 2000

Areas of interest: Archaeology of Fire, Ancient Pyrotechnologies, Use of Space, Site Formation Processes


Francesco Berna is an expert of Fourier transform infrared Microspectroscopy applied to archaeological investigations. His work is contributing to several important issues in Old and New World Archaeology. These include: The onset of the controlled use of fire during the Lower and Middle Paleolithic in South Africa, Europe, and the Middle East; dating the earliest out-of-Africa evidence of Homo erectus at Dmanisi and the earliest North American occupation in Oregon; the study of domestic and industrial pyrotechnological activities in Maya, Roman, Egyptian, Bronze, and Iron Age sites; the reconstruction of site formaton processes at the Middle Paleolithic Cave at Manot and at the Final Pre-Pottery Neolithic site of Beisamoun in the Upper Jordan Valley in Israel


  • Marie Curie Outgoing International (OIF) Individual Fellowship, 2006-09
  • E.U. Marie Curie Individual Fellowship, 2001-03


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  • Berna F., Matthews A., and Weiner S. 2004. Solubilities of Bone Mineral from Archaeological Sites: the Recrystallization Window. Journal of Archaeological Science, 31: 867-882

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