Alumni 2013

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Alcover, Omar BA 2013 IWD: “The Maya Built Environment and the Creation of Sacred Space: a Study of Pyramid 12H3, Xultun, Petén, Guatemala”.
Bushold, Emily BA 2013
Davis, Caitlin BA 2013
Dear, Ryann BA 2013
Evans, Bree BA 2013 New York University
Ferguson, Amy BA 2013 Tulane University
Galantich, Christopher BA 2013
Gauthier, Nicolas BA 2013 Arizona State University IWD: “Modeling Agropastoral Landscapes in the Marmara Lake Basin, Western Anatolia”
Hammon, Leah BA 2013 California State University
Hurzeler, Karissa BA 2013
Kara, Alex BA 2013
Li, Xingye BA 2013
Long, Nicole BA 2013
Mucci, Michael BA 2013
Nakashian, Zachary BA 2013
Oberndorf, Olivia BA 2013
Poprik, Jessica, BA 2013
Rivera, Jorge BA 2013
Schurtz, Marshall BA 2013 University of Pennsylvania
Slocum, Jocelyn BA 2013
Thibodeau, Megan BA 2013 IWD:  “Maya Pyrotechnology and Plaster: Integrating Micromorphology and Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) at San Bartolo and Xultun, Guatemala”.
Ames, Christine MA 2013 Heritage Management Report titled “The Redesign of the Hearth Room Exhibit at Fort Stanwix National Monument Rome, New York”.
Cuneo, Allison MA 2013 Heritage Management report titled: Soldiers in the Classroom: The Importance of Incorporating Cultural Heritage Protection in Department of Defense Policy and the Education of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps
Estey, Nicole MA 2013 Archaeology Technician Archaeology History titled “The Cream of Goods!” Interpreting Consumption Patterns of Creamware at the Narbonne House in Salem, Massachusetts”
Fitzgerald, Jennifer MA 2013 Heritage Management Report Title:   ‘Social Media and Public Outreach at the American Schools of Oriental Research.”
Heath, Laura MA 2013 Archaeology Thesis Title:  “Postclassic Ceramics from La Laguna, Tlaxcala, Mexico”.
Keklak, Sarah MA 2013 City Archaeology Laboratory Certificate In Museum Studies and MA in Heritage Management report Title:  “Beyond Utopia: 5,000 Years at the Brook Farm Historic Site: An Archaeological Exhibit at the Boston City Archaeology Laboratory”
Sapountzis, Ioannis MA 2013 Archaeology Field Directed Archaeology Thesis Title: “ A late Roman Shipwreck at Aghios Ioannis of Hydra, A Closer look into the Socioeconomics of the Argolid through Maritime Trade.
Fortenberry, Brent PhD 2013 Dissertation Title: “Church, State, and the Space Between: An Archaeological and Architectural Study of ST. George’s, Bermuda”
Hutchins, Karen PhD 2013 Dissertation Title: “In Pursuit of Full Freedom: An archaeological and historical study of the free African-American Community at Parting Ways, Massachusetts, 1779-1900”
Kaeding, Adam PhD 2013 Dissertation Title: “Negotiated Survival: The Archaeology of Colonialism on a Frontier Landscape in Yucatan, Mexico”
Parno, Travis PhD 2013 Dissertation Title: “With the Quiet Sturdy Strength of the Folk of an Older Time”: An Archaeological Approach to Time, Place-Making, and Heritage Construction at the Fairbanks House, Dedham, Massachusetts”
White, Chantel PhD 2013 Dissertation Title: “The Emergence and Intensification of Cultivation Practices a the Pre-Pottery Neolithic Site of El-Hemmeh, Jordan: An Archaeobotanical Study”