Alumni 2011

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Bisaro, Rachel BA 2011 IWD Title: “The Fortifications of Early Bronze Age Tell es-Sweyhat.”
Blauvelt, David BA 2011
Brindley, Chelsy BA 2011
Chamberlin, Maxwell BA 2011
Colb, Daniella BA 2011
Downey, Kathleen BA 2011 IWD Title: “Excavating and Recording Human Burials of Early Bronze Age Sites in the Northwestern Region of the Euphrates Valley in Syria”
Fernandez, Juliana BA 2011
Fred, Sarah BA 2011
French, Katherine BA 2011
Good, Walker BA 2011 IWD Title:  “A preliminary analysis of the development of structure 12F19 at Xultun.”
Knorr, Tanner BA 2011
Langlois, Samantha BA 2011
Lindberg, Kelly BA 2011 IWD Title: “Grinding of Cereals: Experimental and Archaeological Evidence.”
Mellen, Cailee BA 2011
McBride, Adam BA 2011
Norton, Brooke BA 2011
Obert, Jesse BA 2011
Pegg, Andrew BA 2011 IWD Title: “Iconography of Xultun: Symbols of Power”
Scanlan, Kathleen BA 2011 IWD Title:  “Viewing Xultun from All Angles: Analyzing Trends in Inter-site Relations at Xultún, Guatemala throughMultiple Data Sources”
Sgouros, Rebecca BA 2011
Sheridan, Victoria BA 2011
Smith, Adrien BA 2011
Stryker, Daniel BA 2011
Sunell, Scott BA 2011 IWD “Colonial Archaeology in South Africa”
Swain, Ryan BA 2011
Van Epps, Rebekah BA 2011
Ledesma, Dixie MA 2011 Thesis Title:  “Connecting the Eastern Desert to the Nile: The Organization of Pharaonic Trading and Mining Expeditions to Mersa/Wadi Gawasis and Gebel el-Zeit”
Raiciuleseu, Laetitia MA 2011 Thesis Title:  “Taken to the Grave: Personal Ornament from the Iron Age North Cemetery Burials at Hasanlu, Iran”
Murata, Satoru PhD 2011 Dissertation Title: “Maya Salters, Maya Potters: The Archaeology of Multicrafting on Non-Residential Mounds at Wits Cah AK’AL, Belize”
Shingiray, Irina PhD 2011 Dissertation Title:  “On the Path Through The Shadow Empire: The Khazar Nomads at the North-Western Frontier of Iran and the Islamic Caliphate”
Vining, Benjamin PhD 2011 Dissertation Title: “Ruralalism, Land Use History, and Holocene Climate in the Suches Highlands, Southern Peru”