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Adelmann, Annika BA 2009
Anderson, Meredith BA 2009 IWD Title: “Evaluating Presentation of Heritage Sites”
Arrott, Jessica BA 2009 IWD Title “The Reconstruction of an Attack: The Iron Age II Destruction Phase of Hasanlu Tepe and the Realities of Military Violence in the Ancient Near East”
Bertoglio, Christine BA 2009
Blustain, Jonah BA 2009 IWD Title: “The Davenport-Wakefield Estate and the Irish Diaspora”
Bush, Whytnee BA 2009
Cheung, Annie BA 2009
Cudney, Stephanie BA 2009
Curtis, Caitlin BA 2009
Edine, Nicole BA 2009
Geraghty, Kathryn BA 2009
Gurnick, Sigmund BA 2009
Henrion, Shay BA 2009
Kaiser, Alaina BA 2009 IWD Title: “Negbi’s Traveling Goddess: Distribution Patterns of Late Bronze Age Levantine “Goddess Pendants” and Their Possible Cultural Significance”
Ladolcetta, Meghan BA 2009
Lanier, Lawrence BA 2009
Mach, Stephanie BA 2009
MacLellan, Jessica BA 2009
McCormick, Katelin BA 2009
Melia-Teevan, Kevin BA 2009
Mitus, Caitlin BA 2009
Rose, Aja BA 2009
Rosen, Jessica BA 2009
Santarelli, Burnella BA 2009 IWD Title: “Characterization of burnt bone and charred organic phase by IR Spectroscopy: Implications for the study of thin sections of prehistoric combustion features”
Sharpe, Ashley BA 2009 IWD Title: “From the Ritual to the Rubbish: The Maya Osteoarchaeological Record of San Bartolo, Guatemala”
Sneeringer, Margaret BA 2009 IWD Title: “A GIS Analysis of Second Millennium BCE Site Location in Central Lydia, Western Turkey”
Stevens, Quincy BA 2009
Storozum, Michael BA 2009 IWD Title: “Ancient Maya Water Management: Investigations at Aguada Hormiguero, Peten, Guatemala”
LaVigne, Elisabeth MA 2009 Thesis: “A Micromorphological Analysis of Sediments from the Maya Site of K’Axob”
Robinett, Robby MA 2009 Thesis: “A Comparison of the Development of Cultural Heritage for Identity Creation in Australia and South Africa”
Wallace, Eliza MA 2009 Thesis: “A Multi-Scalar Analysis of Bronze Age Khirigsuur Burial Mounds in Hovsgol, Aimag, Mongolia”
Parks, Shoshaunna PhD 2009 Dissertation: “Archaeological Ethics and the Struggle for Community Legitimacy in the Maya Archaeoscape”
Runggaldier, Astrid PhD 2009 Dissertation: “Memory and Materiality in Monumental Architecture: Construction and Reuse of a Late Preclassic Maya Palace at San Bartolo, Guatemala”
Shelton, China PhD 2009 Dissertation: “A Paleoethnobotanical Approach to Central Apennine Economy and Identity in the Sangro River Valley, Abruzzo, Italy, 650 B.C.-A.D. 150”
Walter Blake, Marnie PhD 2009 Dissertation:“Universal ideals, local challenges: Approaches to archaeological heritage management at World Heritage sites”