Alumni 2006


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Bagley, Joseph BA 2006 IWD Title: “Life on the Frog Pond: A Prehistory of Boston Common”
Bateman, Lauren BA 2006
Brill, Nathaniel BA 2006 IWD Title: “Tell Asmar: Structure and Dynamics of a Neighborhood of Late 3rd Millennium BC Mesopotamia”.
Brinker, Christopher BA 2006
Carr, Danielle BA 2006
Coan, Jennifer BA 2006
D’Amore, Stephanie BA 2006
Dodge, Robyn BA 2006
Eppolito, Valerie BA 2006
Hilmer, Claire BA 2006
Horna, Casey BA 2006
Jacobs, Megan BA 2006
Kelaher III, Richard BA 2006
Leveille, Sarah BA 2006
Limerick, Nicholas BA 2006
Marshall, Tristan BA 2006
McGurl, Katie BA 2006
Mink, Derek BA 2006
Moss, Lindsay BA 2006
O’Brien, Bridget BA 2006
Pacyga, Johanna BA 2006
Schwartz, Anna BA 2006
Short, Jesse BA 2006
Stork, Leigh BA 2006
Sutherland, Frederick BA 2006 IWD Title: “Use, Rescue, and Desecration: Analysis and Investigation of the Lucy Kimball Mead Tomb, Littleton, Massachusetts”
Weight, Rachael BA 2006
Zobler, Kari BA 2006 IWD Title: “Puma Iconography in Tiwanaku Ceramics: A Stylistic Analysis of Artifacts from the French Scientific Mission”
Choate, David MA 2006 Thesis: “An Underwater Heritage Trail for Biscayne National Park”
McKissick, Kathryn MA 2006 Thesis: “The Buried China Cabinet: Active Collecting and the Ceramic Assemblage at
the Brome Plantation Slave Quarters Site”
Peterson, Polly PhD 2006 Dissertation: “Cave Use in the Sibun River Valley, Belize”