Alumni 2005


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Aylward, Daniel BA 2005
Connor, Shawn BA 2005
Cox, Kameron BA 2005
Doherty, Heather BA 2005
Gonia, Brandon BA 2005
Hennecke, Jennifer BA 2005
Hurt, Kenneth BA 2005
Johnson, Scott BA 2005 PhD 2012 from
Tulane University 


Author of: Translating Maya Hieroglyphs: An Introductory Testbook
Dissertation: Late and Terminal Classic Power Shifts in Yucatan: The View from Popola
Kao, Robin BA 2005
Leger, Jennifer BA 2005
LeJeune, Colin BA 2005
McCann, Jennifer BA 2005
Mollin-Kling, Leah BA 2005
Moreno, Meredith BA 2005 IWD Title: “Paleoethnobotanical Study of a Residence at the Site of Torre D’En Galmes in Menorca, Spain”
Skonberg, Laura BA 2005
Smith, Cecilia BA 2005
Smith, Jessica BA 2005
Veninger, Jacqueline BA 2005
Melendez Gonzalez, Julisa MA 2005 Thesis: “Archaeological Resources Management in Puerto Rico: Problems and Prospects”
Vining, Benjamin MA 2005 Thesis: “Flakes and Tools: Social Aspects of Lithic Material use at the Middle Horizon Site of Cerro Baul, Moquegua, Peru”
Allen, Susan PhD 2005 Dissertation: “The Paleoethnobotany of Sovjan, Albania”
Arpin, Trina PhD 2005 Dissertation: “Micromorphological Analysis of Four Early Neolithic Sites”
Brighton, Stephen PhD 2005 Dissertation: “An Historical Archaeology of the Irish Proletariat Diaspora: Material Manifestations of Irish Identity in America, 1850-1910″
Smith, Alexia PhD 2005 Assistant Professor of Anthropology at University of Connecticut, Storrs.  In 2011 won $400,000 NSF Career Award to conduct archaeobotanical research over a five year period at six archaeology sites in the Middle East. Dissertation: “Climate, Culture, and Agriculture: Examining Change in the Bronze and Iron Age Near East”
Tanyeri-Erdemir, Tugba PhD 2005 Dissertation “Continuity, Change, and Innovation: Considering the Agency of Rusa Ii in the Production of the Imperial Art and Architecture of Urartu in the 7th Century B.C.”
Thomas, Ben PhD 2005 Dissertation: “Maya Settlement and Political Hierarchy in the Sibun River Valley, Belize, Central America”