Alumni 2004


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Andresen, Lars BA 2004
Atkins Jr., Robert BA 2004
Bernheisel, Michael BA 2004
Burns, Amanda BA 2004
Camire, Aaron BA 2004
Chan, Krystal BA 2004 IWD Title: “The State of American Geoarchaeology: Academics versus
Davis, Terressa BA 2004 IWD Title: “Using the Past to Serve the Present: The Uses and Misuses of Cambodia’s Archaeological Heritage”
Drolet, Elizabeth BA 2004
Etre, Kathryn BA 2004
Keim, Alexander BA 2004 PhD candidate at Boston University
King, Penny BA 2004
Krause, Kelly BA 2004
McIntosh, Keith BA 2004
Miller, Christopher BA 2004 IWD Title: “Micromorphology of Hell Gap, Yoming”
Peterson, Elizabeth BA 2004
Ramey, Katherine BA 2004
Rousseau, Jane BA 2004
Skidmore, Maeve BA 2004
Spurrier, Tracy BA 2004
Tennyson, Maria BA 2004
Wallace, Lacey BA 2004 IWD Title: “Fastening Identities, Dressing for Display: Artifacts of Personal adornment from the Spencer-Peirce-Little Farms in Newbury, Massachusetts, 1635-1986”
Watts, Amanda BA 2004
Yates, Donna BA 2004 IWD Title: “The Obsidian of the K’axob 1995 Season: Local patterns in long distance trade at a site in Northern Belize”
McClintock, Stacy MA 2004 Thesis: “Atlantic Division Naval Facilities Engineering Command”
Ortoli, Taryn MA 2004 Thesis: “A Geological Interpretation to an Archaeological Problem:  Micromorphology and Site History at Pech De L’Azè IV, Dordogne Valley, France”
Spensley Moriarty, Ellen MA 2004 Thesis: “Micromorphology of Construction and Culture at Trinidad De Nosotros, Petén, Guatemala”
Dixon, Christopher PhD 2004 Dissertation: “Indians in the House of God: A Social-economic Investigation of the Pottery from the San Antonio Mission Community”
Reck, Todd PhD 2004 Adjunct Professor Dissertation: “Reexcavating Michilimackinac: use of Harris Matrices to analyze stratigraphy for the purpose of studying French Canadian living in the South Southwest Rowhouse of Fort Michilimackinac”
Ernstein, Julie PhD 2004 Assistant Professor Dissertation: “Constructing Context: Historical Archaeology and The Pleasure Garden in Prince George’s County, Maryland, 1740-1790”