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20032003 PhDs

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Alverado, Victor BA 2003
Boerner, Jennifer BA 2003
Carroll, Meredith BA 2003
Chaiken, Jonathan BA 2003
Charest, Michelle BA 2003
Khan, Sumra BA 2003
Lord, Wallis BA 2003
Manias, Evangeline BA 2003
McGill, Dru BA 2003 IWD Title: “The Key Word in Quality: A Quantitative Analysis of Egyptian Artifacts in U.S. Museums”
Mentzer, Susan BA 2003 IWD Title: “Burned features at Pech de l’Azé IV (Dordogne, France); micromorphological and microchemical evidence”
Midkiff, Hillery BA 2003
Mitchell Jr., Kevin BA 2003
Phelps, Karena BA 2003
Ranslow, Mandy BA 2003
Roberson, Michelle BA 2003
Rodriquez, Alejandro BA 2003
Sullivan, Richard BA 2003
Tam, Ana BA 2003
Wallace, Jelane BA 2003
Zakari, Andre BA 2003
Zmrzlik, Kathryn BA 2003
Dunwoody, Karin MA 2003 Thesis: “A morphometic database for cattle (bos taurus) from Spanish colonial California (ca. 1769-1830)”
Sennott Caldelari, Jennifer MA 2003 Thesis: “Writing on Wrecks: Underwater Archaeology and the US Print Media 1980-2000”
Chan, Alexandra PhD 2003 Dissertation: “The slaves of colonial New England: discourse of colonialism and identity at the Isaac Royal House, Medford, Massachusetts, 1732-1775”
Esquivias Argelaguet, Chantal PhD 2003 Dissertation: “On the edge of empire?: settlement changes in Chacalapan, Southern Veracruz, Mexico, during the Classic and Postclassic periods”
Hartenberger, Britt PhD 2003 Lecturer, Kalamazoo College Dissertation: “A study of craft specialization and the organization of chipped stone production at early bronze age Titris Hoyuk, Southeatern Turkey”
Plank, Shannon PhD 2003 Cultural heritage consultant, Montana Dissertation: “Monumental Maya dwellings in the hieroglyphic and archaeological records: a cognitive anthropological approach to classic Maya architecture”