Alumni 2001


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Bingham, Trent BA 2001
Buatti, Erika BA 2001
Ebersole, Justin BA 2001
Fattouh, Shereif BA 2001
Fetterman, Liv BA 2001
Flagg, Katherine BA 2001
Hudgens Peteranna, Mary BA 2001
Jones, Michael BA 2001
Krajewski, James BA 2001
Mansfield, Karen BA 2001
Rich, David BA 2001
Ryzewski, Krystal BA 2001 IWD Title: Medicine Patterns on the Spencer-Pierce-Little Farm: An Analysis of the Shift from Usage of Home Remedies to Patent Medications
Rzepka, Toby BA 2001
Wexler, Jennifer BA 2001
Blash, Douglas MA 2001 Thesis: “Electromagnetic conductivity and magnetic susceptibility surveys at Sha’ar Hagolan, Israel: socioeconomic aspects of the Yarmukian Settlement”
Harrison-Buck, Eleanor MA 2001 Thesis:  “Nourishing the Animus of Lived Space: Caching Ritual at K’axob”
Peterson, Polly MA 2001 Thesis: “Testing the Producer-Consumer Model for Lithic Exchange: a View from K’axob, Belize”
Sealey Durrant, Gwendolyn MA 2001 Thesis: “Red-on-white painted pottery from Neolithic Halai, Greece”
Welch, Daniel MA 2001 Thesis: “Sacred Space and the Development of Social Complexity at the Civic-Ceremonial Center of Tibes, Ponce, Puerto Rico”
Raab, Holly PhD 2001 Dissertation “Rural settlement in Hellenistic and Roman Crete: the Akrotiri peninsula”
Takaoglu, Turan PhD 2001 Dissertation: “A late chalcolithic marble workshop at Kulaksizlar in Western Anatolia: an analysis of production and craft specialization”