Alumni 2000


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Bennett, Sarah BA 2000
Blackman, Tiffany BA 2000
Buerger, Sandra BA 2000
Cardamone, David BA 2000
DeGomez, S. Marie BA 2000
Foster, Jill BA 2000
Hoffman Dion, Geralyn BA 2000
Hutchinson, Amanda BA 2000
Kearney, Scott BA 2000
Kenward, Amalia BA 2000
Kropp, Julia BA 2000
Kuba, Elizabeth BA 2000
Lanza, Seleena BA 2000
Matarazzo, Stacey BA 2000
Paling, Jason BA 2000
Parker Peterson, Emily BA 2000
Ross, Jennifer BA 2000
Stone, Kelly BA 2000
Abodeely, Jacqueline MA 2000
Davis, Margo MA 2000 Thesis: “The role of land trusts in the protection of archaeological sites on private land: the trustees of reservations as a case study”
Gilgan, Elizabeth MA 2000 Thesis: “Archaeological heritage management in Belize: a case study”
Lichtenstein, Robert MA 2000 Thesis: “Communities of the Greater Blue Creek Area, Belize, Central America
Mead, Leslie MA 2000 Environmental Scientist-Archaeologist, Thesis: “A Revolution Underground: A History and Analysis of the Management of Archaeological Resources at Minute Man National Historical Park, Concord, Massachusetts, 1959–2000”
Michaud, Cassandra MA 2000 Thesis: “Archaeological and Historical Investigations of the Rowley Village Ironworks (1668–1681), Boxford, Massachusetts”
Rose, Jeffrey MA 2000 Thesis: “A reconstruction of Pleistocene Arabia: the state of research and avenues for further inquiry”
Moore Morrison, Melissa PhD 2000 Assistant Professor Dissertation: “Surveying’ Epirote pottery: ceramics, cuisine, and social history in southern Epirus, Greece, 300 B.C.-A.D. 500”
Ogundiran, Akinwumi PhD 2000 Professor Dissertation: “Settlement cycling and regional interactions in central Yorùbá-land, AD 1200-1900: archaeology and history in Ìlàrè district, Nigeria”
Terrell, Michelle PhD 2000 Principal Archaeologist & Historian Dissertation: “The historical archaeology of the 17th- and 18th-century Jewish community of Nevis, British West Indies”