Alumni 1998


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Aminia, Rachel BA 1998
Chen-Bayle, Kim BA 1998
Collins, Mara BA 1998
French, Jennifer BA 1998
Goodwin, Breana BA 1998
Harrigan, Ryan BA 1998
Hawes, Melissa BA 1998
Kolinka, Philip BA 1998
Lam, Jimmy BA 1998
Martz, Tamarra BA 1998
Mongelluzzo, Ryan BA 1998
Peura, Angela BA 1998
Rollins, Christina BA 1998
Schmidt Jr., Clinton BA 1998
Sennott Caldelari, Jennifer BA 1998
Symons, Tabitha BA 1998
Blake Walter, Marni MA 1998 Thesis: “Universal Ideals, Local Challenges: Approaches to Archaeological Heritage Management at World Heritage Sites”
Isaza Aizpurua, Ilean MA 1998 Thesis: “Shell Working and Social Differentiation at the Formative Maya Village of K’axob”
Lovasz-Kaiser, Christine MA 1998 Thesis: “An archaeological and anthropological reassessment of the pictish sculptured symbol stones”
Payne, Elisabeth MA 1998
Smith, Alexia MA 1998 Thesis: “The relevance of archaeological studies in ancient agricultural systems to marginal regions of the world”
Watters, Margaret MA 1998 Thesis: “Greek and indigenous interaction at Empúries, Spain: ground-penetrating radar, through advanced analytical [sic] methods”
Angelini Bartlett, Mary PhD 1998 Dissertation: “The Potter’s Craft: A Study of Formature Maya Ceramic Technology at K’axob, Belize”
Estrada-Belli, Francisco PhD 1998 Dissertation: “The evolution of complex societies in southeastern Pacific coastal Guatemala: a regional GIS archaeological approach”
Lewis, Ann-Eliza PhD 1998 Dissertation:“Defining and creating African-American identity: An archaeological study of ethnicity at Casey Farm, Saunderstown, Rhode Island, 1790-1820”