Alumni 1995


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Bienkowska, Aleksandra BA 1995
Brust, Katherine BA 1995
Caten, Evan BA 1995
Chard, Todd BA 1995
Fisher, Jennifer BA 1995
Garcia, Daniel BA 1995
Grimm, Lisa BA 1995
Kellner, Rebecca BA 1995
Keseru, Janos BA 1995
McCrimmon, Scott BA 1995
Miller, Jonathan BA 1995
Nadjmi, Sassan BA 1995
Palmer, David BA 1995
Ramsey, Elise BA 1995
Reuss, Rebecca BA 1995
Schneider, Michelle BA 1995
Shevis, Jonathan BA 1995
Spinks, Phillip BA 1995
Fuchs, Markus MA 1995 Thesis “Eastern Great Basin grooved-stone tools: a study from archaeological, ethnographic, and experimental perspectives”
Missio, Nicole MA 1995
Smyth, Maureen MA 1995 Curator Thesis: “The Plant Remains from the Spencer-Pierce-Little Privy: A Historical Archaeobotanical Study”
Mascia, Sara PhD 1995 Consulting Archaeologist Dissertation: “Climbing the agricultural ladder: an archaeological and documentary case study of the transition from tenant to owner on a New England farmstead”
Pennington, Charles PhD 1995 Dissertation: “A quantitative and contextual analysis of shard assemblages from three Near Eastern tells”