Alumni 1994


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Cotton, Christopher BA 1994 Attorney
DeBrestian, Scott BA 1994
Downey, Sean BA 1994
Eubanks, Leigh BA 1994
Giammusso Jr., Michael BA 1994
Kobza Bobo, Vicki BA 1994
Lockard Reed, Angela BA 1994
Miller, Erica BA 1994
O’Brien, Wendy BA 1994 Contract Archaeologist
Seyb, Wendy BA 1994 Producer, Choreographer
Sweitz, Samuel BA 1994
Washburn, Erika BA 1994
Agnew, Stephen MA 1994 Thesis: “Palaiokastro: a diachronic study of a site on an inland pass on the Alpheios River in Greece”
Fuchs, Adam MA 1994 Contract Archaeologist Thesis: “Documentary survey and inventory of historic cultural resources on the Prescott Peninsula, Quabbin Reservoir”
Riggsby, Matthew MA 1994 Thesis: “Following the money: bronze coin circulation in the late antique eastern Mediterranean”
Rogers, Katherine MA 1994 Thesis: “The Role of Women on the Western American Frontier 1840 to 1870 as Indicated in Documents and the Archaeological Record”
Scarlett, Timothy MA 1994 Assistant Professor Thesis: “Pudding Pans and Broilers—Bread Pans and Pie: Redware, Consumption, and Economy in Eighteenth-Century New England”
Wellman, Howard MA 1994 Lead Conservator Thesis: “The provenance of copper artifacts from the Boucher Site”
Crawford, Patricia PhD 1994 Research Microbiologist Dissertation: “Man-land relationships in the Wadi Tumilat of Egypt at Tell el-Maskhuta: a Paleoethnobotanical perspective”
Finamore, Daniel PhD 1994 Curator of Maritime Art and History Dissertation: “Sailors and slaves on the wood-cutting frontier: archaeology of the British Bay settlement, Belize”
Jones, Donald PhD 1994 Dissertation: “Recreating the wilderness: the cultural landscape of Lynn Woods, a late nineteenth-century public park in Lynn, Massachusetts”
Karimali, Evagelia PhD 1994 Dissertation: “The Neolithic mode of production and exchange reconsidered: lithics production and exchange patterns in Thessaly, Greece, during the transitional Late Neolithic-Bronze Age period”
Seasholes, Nancy PhD 1994 Dissertation: “Landmaking and the process of urbanization: the Boston landmaking projects, 1630s-1888”