Alumni 1991


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Athreya, Susheela BA 1991
Braniff, Rebecca BA 1991
Camileletti, Catherine BA 1991
Cox, Ann BA 1991
Jackson III, Lorren BA 1991
Shaul Lymberopoulos, Lisa BA 1991
White, Jacquelyn BA 1991
Cuozzo, John MA 1991 Principal Research Scientist Thesis: “Mashkan-Shapir: A Typical Old Babylonian City?”
Hornblower, Harriet MA 1991 Thesis: “The Gay Head Cliffs as a placeway of identity and power for the Gay Head Wampanoag”
Ziesing, Grace MA 1991 Thesis: “Personal Effects from the Backlots of Boott Mills Corporate Housing in Lowell, Massachusetts: A Gender Study in Historical Archaeology”
Landon, David PhD 1991 Senior Scientist Dissertation: “Zooarchaeology and urban foodways: a case study from Eastern Massachusetts”