Alumni 1990


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Cleaves, Juliet BA 1990
Dolan, Anthony BA 1990
Erickson, Harley BA 1990
Harper-Cloney, Tamara BA 1990
Hill Jr., Matthew BA 1990
McDermott, Matthew BA 1990
Prihodko, Lara BA 1990
Sasser Dolling, Tamatha BA 1990
Sunahara, Mari BA 1990
Cook, Lauren MA 1990 Senior Research Archaeologist
Dutton, David MA 1990 Thesis: “Thrasher’s China” or “Colored Porcelain: Mealtime at the Boot”
Pendleton, Sally MA 1990 Editorial Consultant Thesis: “The plant remains from the Spencer-Pierce-Little kitchen: a historical ethnobotanical analysis”
Pena, Elizabeth PhD 1990 Dissertation: Wampum production in New Netherland and colonial New York: The historical and archaeological context