Alumni 1989

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Brighton, Nancy J. BA 1989
Coleman O’Hearn, Kathleen BA 1989
Gal Jr., Alfred F. BA 1989 Attorney
Garrigan Limjoco, Kathleen BA 1989
Marcuse Velasco Hart, Monica BA 1989 Court Interpreter
McCormack, Valerie BA 1989 PhD
Mills, Robin O. BA 1989 Historical Archaeologist
Sweeney, Mary A. BA 1989
Mascia, Sara MA 1989
Barnett, William PhD 1989 V.P. & Chief Information Officer Dissertation: “The production and distribution of early Neolithic pottery in the Aude Valley, France”
Little, Georgeana M. PhD 1989 Executive Assistant Dissertation: “The technology of pottery production in northwestern Portugal during the iron age”