Alumni 1988

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Aperlo, Peter E. BA 1988
Bernklow, Gary M. BA 1988
Delaney Anderson, Ann C. BA 1988
Hogin, Sara E. BA 1988
Maarse, Barbara BA 1988
Mims, Lisa A. BA 1988
Sanders, Todd K. BA 1988
Stewart, Heather M. BA 1988
Bond, Kathleen MA 1988 Archaeologist Consultant Thesis: “Alcohol use in the Bott Mills Boardinghouses: Tension Between Workers and Management: A Documentary”
Mariaca Barnett, Mary T. MA 1988 Thesis: “Late Marksville/Early Baytown Period subsistence economy: analysis of three faunal assemblages from Northeastern Louisiana”
Pennington, Charles MA 1988