Department of Archaeology alumni database by year and by alphabetical order.

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Barnaby,Toshina,Orelia BA 2017
Buta,Carly,Rose BA 2017
Garza,Amanda,Maria BA 2017
Hotaling,Jessica,Lynn BA 2017
Johnson,Emily,Sue BA 2017 Honors Thesis Title: Taste the Rainbow: Archaeological Applications for the Identification of Nixtamalized Maize Starch Granules
Keslinke,Brigitte,Ann BA 2017
Martinez,Katherine BA 2017 Honors Thesis Title:A comparative study of Early and Middle Holocene fish bone assemblages from Lake Turkana in the Koobi Fora Region of Northern Kenya
Cuneo, Allison PhD 2017 Dissertation Title: Heritage Management Challenges and Changes in Northern Iraq: The Rise of Kurdistan and the Islamic State Onslaught After the Fall of Saddam
Fallu, Daniel PhD 2017 Dissertation Title: Bronze Age Landscape Degradation in the Northern Argolid: a Micromorphological Investigation of Anthropogenic Erosion in the Environs of Mycenae, Greece
Goldfield,Anna PhD 2017 Dissertation Title: The Role of Physiology and Behavior in the Replacement of Neanderthals by Anatomically Modern Humans in Europe
Medina, Paulo MA 2017
Patania, Ilaria PhD 2017 Dissertation Title: Site Formation Processes and Site Use in the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene: Micromorphology and FTIR Analysis at the Cave Sites of Xianrendong and Yuchanyan
Walton,David,Patrick PhD 2017 Dissertation Title: The Production, Consumption, and Function of Stone Tools in Prehispanic Central Mexico: a Comparative Study of Households Spanning the Formative to Postclassic Period

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Boschetto,Kristian,Brooke BA 2016
D’Arienzo,Sarah,Rose BA 2016
Easley,Jaidee,Lenore BA 2016
Gill,Rachel,Madison BA 2016
Jordan,Ellen,Christine BA 2016
Lenkewich,Jennifer,L BA 2016
Mikeska,Christine,Anna BA 2016 Honor Thesis Title: “Food or Fur: A Systematic Analysis of Dog Bones Cutmarks from the Uyak Site on Kodiak Island, Alaska”
Tur,Perihan,Anung BA 2016
Ubik,Emily,Jane BA 2016
Felker,Benjamin,Thomas MA 2016
Plekhov,Daniel MA 2016 Thesis Title: “Regional-scale applications of architectural energetics odels: A case study from Lydian Bin Tepe.”
Soule,Courtney MA 2016
Sawyer,Alicia,Hart MA 2016
Berry, Kimberly MA 2016
Brellas,Demetrios,James PhD 2016 Dissertation Title: “By The Rivers Of Babylon: Patterns Of Heterarchy, Sustainable Wetland Agroecology, And Urban Dynamics In Old Babylonian Mashkan-Shapir”
Greenberg,Harris,Stephen PhD 2016 Dissertatin Title: “A Micromorphological Analysis of Continuity and Discontinuity at PPNC Beisamoun Pond 11, Israel”
Joseph,Veronica,Adelle PhD 2016 Dissertation Title: “A Biological Analysis of the Effects of the Xiongnu Empire on the Physical Health of Nomadic Groups in Iron Age Mongolia”
Olson,Brandon,Richard PhD 2016 Dissertation Title: “From Issus to Rhosus: An Assessment of Socioeconomic Prosperity in the Hellenistic Countryside”

Alsgaard, Asia BA 2015 Honors Thesis Title: “Ancestral or Sacrificial: Evaluating Human Remains at Xultun, Peten, Guatemala”
Chasse, Samantha BA 2015
Foarde, Timothy BA 2015
Fuller, Denise BA 2015
Gregory, Mariah BA 2015
Lange, Sophie BA 2015
Mauer, Elizabeth BA 2015 Honors Thesis Title: “Worthy of Cedar Oil: An Archaeological, Textual and Chemical Investigation of Cedar Oil”
Rodriguez, Presley BA 2015
Sampson, Tory BA 2015
Shin, Nami BA 2015
Stetz, Hunter BA 2015
Strassfield, Zoe BA 2015
Diaz Rocha, Ana Maira MA 2015 Herigate Thesis Title” “Made in the Americas: The New World Discovers Asia, a traveling exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston”
Fallu, Daniel MA 2015
Flynn, Matthew MA 2015 Heritage Thesis title: “Saugus in context: engaging with the public on the archaeology of New England”
Kaercher, Kyra MA 2015
Langlitz, Meredith MA 2015 Heritage Thesis Title: “Engaging the Next Generation in Archaeology Through an Archaeological Institute of America Youth Membership Program”
Luiz, Jade MA 2015
Necciai, Karyn MA 2015
Patania, Ilaria MA 2015
Pitcairn, Erica MA 2015 Thesis Title: “An Integrated Approach to Teaching Aegean Archaeology and Archaeological Science”
Stein, Carol MA 2015 Managing Editor, ASCSA Publications
Thomas, Dustin MA 2015  Blog Thesis Title: “Contextualizing the Mausoleum in the Parco dei Ravennati at Ostia Antica, Italy”
Keim, Alexander PhD 2015 Dissertation Title: “Boston Inside Out: A Brothel, A Boardinghouse, and the Construction of the 19th-Century North End’s Urban Landscape Through Embodied Practices”
MacLean, Jessica PhD 2015 Dissertation Title: “Sheltering Colonialism: The Archaeology Of A House, Household, And White Creole Masculinity At The 18th-Century Little Bay Plantation, Montserrat, West Indies”
Ness, Kathryn PhD 2015 Dissertation Title: “Developing a Spanish-Atlantic Identity: An Archaeological Investigation of Domestic Ceramics and Dining in 18th-Century Spain and Spanish Florida”
Ozguner, Niment Pinar PhD 2015 Dissertation Title: “Archaeological Entanglements: People, Places, and Politics of Archaeology in Turkey”
Pecoraro, Luke PhD 2015 Dissertation Title: “Mr. Gookin out of Ireland, Wholly upon his own Adventure”: An Archaeological Study of Intercolonial and Transatlantic Connections in the Seventeenth Century”
Rossi, Franco MA, PhD 2015 Dissertation Title: “The Brothers TAAJ: Civil Religious Orders and the Politics of Expertise in Late Maya Statecraft”
Ruane, Jonathan PhD 2015 Dissertation Title: “Hydrology And Classic Maya Urban Planning: A Geospatial Analysis Of Settlement And Water Management At Xultun, Guatemala”
Ueda, Kaoru PhD 2015 Dissertation Title: “An Archaeological Investigation of Hybridization in Bantenese and Dutch Colonial Encounters: Food and Foodways in the Sultanate of Banten, Java, 17th-Early 19th Century”
Wildt, Jennifer MA, PhD 2015 Dissertation Title: “A Tale Of Three Plazas: The Development And Use Of Public Spaces In A Classic Maya Ritual And Residential Complex At Xultun, Guatemala”

Bolstad, Kayley BA 2014
Boyd, Henry BA 2014
Brown, Dillon BA 2014
Buyukyuksel, Nedim BA 2014
Christin, Emily BA 2014
Crowe, Alice BA 2014
DiBattista, Adam BA 2014 IWD: “A Strontium Approach to Changes in Pastoral Strategy at Gordion”
Egger, Matthew BA 2014
Griem, Martha BA 2014
Litman, Peter BA 2014
Owen, Ross BA 2014
Srinivasan, Anashya BA 2014
Vilic, Jasna BA 2014
Vitale, Adam BA 2014
Wilbur, Rosalie BA 2014
Ripley, Allison MA 2014 Heritage Management Report title: “Ask an Archaeologist:  An Experiment in Public Outreach with the American Schools of Oriental Research”
Sparling, Loren MA 2014 Archaeology report title: “Ceramics and the Central Lydia Archaeological Survey (CLAS): A Diachronic Study Using Portable X-Ray Fluorescence (pXRF)”
Chaves Yates, Caitlin PhD 2014 Dissertation Title:“Beyond the Mound: Locating Complexity in Northern Mesopotamia during the ‘Second Urban Revolution’”
Crawford, Abigail PhD 2014 Dissertation title: “The Organization of Rural Production in Roman Central Tyrrhenian Italy, 200 B.C. to 400 A.D.”
Gallagher, Diana PhD 2014 Dissertation title: “Cleanly in their persons and cleanly in their dwellings”: An Archaeological Investigation of Health, Hygiene, and Sanitation in 18th- and 19th-Century New England.”
Ratzlaff, Alexandra PhD 2014 Dissertation title: “The Maintenance of Empire: The Roman Army in the Negev (Palaestina Tertia) from the 1st – 7th Centuries CE
Simms, Stephanie PhD 2014 Dissertation Title:“Prehispanic Maya foodways: archaeological and microbotanical evidence from Escalera al Cielo, Yucatan, Mexico”
Wallace, Eliza PhD 2014 Dissertation Title:“From town to city: urban planning in the early bronze age of Northern Mesopotamia at Tell Es- Sweyhat, Syria”
Wolff, Nicholas PhD 2014 Dissertation Title:“At Home in Prehistory: Critical Approaches to the Dwelt Environment of the South Italian Bronze Age”

Alcover, Omar BA 2013 IWD: “The Maya Built Environment and the Creation of Sacred Space: a Study of Pyramid 12H3, Xultun, Petén, Guatemala”.
Bushold, Emily BA 2013
Davis, Caitlin BA 2013
Dear, Ryann BA 2013
Evans, Bree BA 2013 New York University
Ferguson, Amy BA 2013 Tulane University
Galantich, Christopher BA 2013
Gauthier, Nicolas BA 2013 Arizona State University IWD: “Modeling Agropastoral Landscapes in the Marmara Lake Basin, Western Anatolia”
Hammon, Leah BA 2013 California State University
Hurzeler, Karissa BA 2013
Kara, Alex BA 2013
Li, Xingye BA 2013
Long, Nicole BA 2013
Mucci, Michael BA 2013
Nakashian, Zachary BA 2013
Oberndorf, Olivia BA 2013
Poprik, Jessica, BA 2013
Rivera, Jorge BA 2013
Schurtz, Marshall BA 2013 University of Pennsylvania
Slocum, Jocelyn BA 2013
Thibodeau, Megan BA 2013 IWD:  “Maya Pyrotechnology and Plaster: Integrating Micromorphology and Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) at San Bartolo and Xultun, Guatemala”.
Ames, Christine MA 2013 Heritage Management Report titled “The Redesign of the Hearth Room Exhibit at Fort Stanwix National Monument Rome, New York”.
Cuneo, Allison MA 2013 Heritage Management report titled: Soldiers in the Classroom: The Importance of Incorporating Cultural Heritage Protection in Department of Defense Policy and the Education of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps
Estey, Nicole MA 2013 Archaeology Technician Archaeology History titled “The Cream of Goods!” Interpreting Consumption Patterns of Creamware at the Narbonne House in Salem, Massachusetts”
Fitzgerald, Jennifer MA 2013 Heritage Management Report Title:   ‘Social Media and Public Outreach at the American Schools of Oriental Research.”
Heath, Laura MA 2013 Archaeology Thesis Title:  “Postclassic Ceramics from La Laguna, Tlaxcala, Mexico”.
Keklak, Sarah MA 2013 City Archaeology Laboratory Certificate In Museum Studies and MA in Heritage Management report Title:  “Beyond Utopia: 5,000 Years at the Brook Farm Historic Site: An Archaeological Exhibit at the Boston City Archaeology Laboratory”
Sapountzis, Ioannis MA 2013 Archaeology Field Directed Archaeology Thesis Title: “ A late Roman Shipwreck at Aghios Ioannis of Hydra, A Closer look into the Socioeconomics of the Argolid through Maritime Trade.
Fortenberry, Brent PhD 2013 Dissertation Title: “Church, State, and the Space Between: An Archaeological and Architectural Study of ST. George’s, Bermuda”
Hutchins, Karen PhD 2013 Dissertation Title: “In Pursuit of Full Freedom: An archaeological and historical study of the free African-American Community at Parting Ways, Massachusetts, 1779-1900”
Kaeding, Adam PhD 2013 Dissertation Title: “Negotiated Survival: The Archaeology of Colonialism on a Frontier Landscape in Yucatan, Mexico”
Parno, Travis PhD 2013 Dissertation Title: “With the Quiet Sturdy Strength of the Folk of an Older Time”: An Archaeological Approach to Time, Place-Making, and Heritage Construction at the Fairbanks House, Dedham, Massachusetts”
White, Chantel PhD 2013 Dissertation Title: “The Emergence and Intensification of Cultivation Practices a the Pre-Pottery Neolithic Site of El-Hemmeh, Jordan: An Archaeobotanical Study”

Ames, Lily-Kathryn BA 2012
Anderson, Elizabeth BA 2012
Bemberg, Letizia BA 2012
Bream, Andrew BA 2012
Christian, Elizabeth BA 2012
Clark, Andrew BA 2012
Cook, Philip BA 2012
Copson, Cheryl BA 2012
Dattatreya, Srivatsa BA 2012
Flynn, Julie BA 2012
Greene Kalik, Jennifer BA 2012
Griswold, Lucas BA 2012
Holland, Emory BA 2012
Jerome, Elizabeth BA 2012
Kalil, Anna BA 2012
Kano, Krista BA 2012
Koeneke Hernandez, Ludwig BA 2012
Lu, Carlos BA 2012
Mazurek, Alexander BA 2012
Meagher, Caitlin BA 2012
Monroe, Elizabeth BA 2012
Navarro-Miller, Benjamin BA 2012
Nieves, Josue BA 2012
Rerko, Pamela BA 2012
Sarkissian, Maria BA 2012
Swanson, Holly BA 2012
Velasquez, Kevin BA 2012
Weir II, Preston BA 2012
Arcangeli, Myriam PhD 2012 Dissertation Title: “For Water, Food, Tables, and Health: The Colonial Ceramic Culture of Guadeloupe, French West Indies”
Moriarty (Spensley), Ellen PhD 2012 Dissertation Title: “Classic Maya Ceramic Technology and Power Dynamics in The Central Peten Lakes Region, Guatemala”

Bisaro, Rachel BA 2011 IWD Title: “The Fortifications of Early Bronze Age Tell es-Sweyhat.”
Blauvelt, David BA 2011
Brindley, Chelsy BA 2011
Chamberlin, Maxwell BA 2011
Colb, Daniella BA 2011
Downey, Kathleen BA 2011 IWD Title: “Excavating and Recording Human Burials of Early Bronze Age Sites in the Northwestern Region of the Euphrates Valley in Syria”
Fernandez, Juliana BA 2011
Fred, Sarah BA 2011
French, Katherine BA 2011
Good, Walker BA 2011 IWD Title:  “A preliminary analysis of the development of structure 12F19 at Xultun.”
Knorr, Tanner BA 2011
Langlois, Samantha BA 2011
Lindberg, Kelly BA 2011 IWD Title: “Grinding of Cereals: Experimental and Archaeological Evidence.”
Mellen, Cailee BA 2011
McBride, Adam BA 2011
Norton, Brooke BA 2011
Obert, Jesse BA 2011
Pegg, Andrew BA 2011 IWD Title: “Iconography of Xultun: Symbols of Power”
Scanlan, Kathleen BA 2011 IWD Title:  “Viewing Xultun from All Angles: Analyzing Trends in Inter-site Relations at Xultún, Guatemala throughMultiple Data Sources”
Sgouros, Rebecca BA 2011
Sheridan, Victoria BA 2011
Smith, Adrien BA 2011
Stryker, Daniel BA 2011
Sunell, Scott BA 2011 IWD “Colonial Archaeology in South Africa”
Swain, Ryan BA 2011
Van Epps, Rebekah BA 2011
Ledesma, Dixie MA 2011 Thesis Title:  “Connecting the Eastern Desert to the Nile: The Organization of Pharaonic Trading and Mining Expeditions to Mersa/Wadi Gawasis and Gebel el-Zeit”
Raiciuleseu, Laetitia MA 2011 Thesis Title:  “Taken to the Grave: Personal Ornament from the Iron Age North Cemetery Burials at Hasanlu, Iran”
Murata, Satoru PhD 2011 Dissertation Title: “Maya Salters, Maya Potters: The Archaeology of Multicrafting on Non-Residential Mounds at Wits Cah AK’AL, Belize”
Shingiray, Irina PhD 2011 Dissertation Title:  “On the Path Through The Shadow Empire: The Khazar Nomads at the North-Western Frontier of Iran and the Islamic Caliphate”
Vining, Benjamin PhD 2011 Dissertation Title: “Ruralalism, Land Use History, and Holocene Climate in the Suches Highlands, Southern Peru”

Alverado, Lidia BA 2010
Applebaum, Rachel BA 2010
Benn, Alisha BA 2010
Cohen, Haley BA 2010
Duffy, Nicole BA 2010
Dunning, Arian BA 2010
Eichner, Katrina BA 2010
Holo, Kelsey BA 2010
Jensen, Laurie BA 2010
Johnson, Amanda BA 2010 IWD Title: “A Glimpse into the Lives of Boston’s Butterflies: An Analysis of the Artifacts Pertaining to Personification of Self from the 27/29 Endicott Street Privy”
Kay, Janet BA 2010 IWD Title: “Norse in Newfoundland: Rethinking L’Anse aux Meadows”
Lanier, Lawrence BA 2010
Marrocco, Nicole BA 2010
Mason, Katherine BA 2010
Minnaugh, Erin BA 2010
Mountain, Rebecca BA 2010 IWD Title: “Anatomical Identification of Ancient & Fiber Sources using Light Microscopy”
Moyer, Robina BA 2010
Noonan, Rebecca BA 2010
Oricchio, Christine BA 2010
Shoucair, Olivia BA 2010
Stein, Samantha BA 2010 IWD Title:  “Impact of Viking Burial Practices in Northern England”
Swan, Renee BA 2010
Vezina, Nicole BA 2010
Warmus, Leslie BA 2010
Winchester, Caroline BA 2010
Pecoraro, Luke MA 2010 Thesis Title:  Of Chusinge and Takinge Some Place of Advantage, and There to Make Some Pallysadoes”: Atlantic Connections at the Nansemond Fort, Virginia.
Morandi, Steven PhD 2010 Dissertation Title: Xibun Maya: The Archaeology of an Early Spanish Colonial Frontier in Southeastern Yucatan

Adelmann, Annika BA 2009
Anderson, Meredith BA 2009 IWD Title: “Evaluating Presentation of Heritage Sites”
Arrott, Jessica BA 2009 IWD Title “The Reconstruction of an Attack: The Iron Age II Destruction Phase of Hasanlu Tepe and the Realities of Military Violence in the Ancient Near East”
Bertoglio, Christine BA 2009
Blustain, Jonah BA 2009 IWD Title: “The Davenport-Wakefield Estate and the Irish Diaspora”
Bush, Whytnee BA 2009
Cheung, Annie BA 2009
Cudney, Stephanie BA 2009
Curtis, Caitlin BA 2009
Edine, Nicole BA 2009
Geraghty, Kathryn BA 2009
Gurnick, Sigmund BA 2009
Henrion, Shay BA 2009
Kaiser, Alaina BA 2009 IWD Title: “Negbi’s Traveling Goddess: Distribution Patterns of Late Bronze Age Levantine “Goddess Pendants” and Their Possible Cultural Significance”
Ladolcetta, Meghan BA 2009
Lanier, Lawrence BA 2009
Mach, Stephanie BA 2009
MacLellan, Jessica BA 2009
McCormick, Katelin BA 2009
Melia-Teevan, Kevin BA 2009
Mitus, Caitlin BA 2009
Rose, Aja BA 2009
Rosen, Jessica BA 2009
Santarelli, Burnella BA 2009 IWD Title: “Characterization of burnt bone and charred organic phase by IR Spectroscopy: Implications for the study of thin sections of prehistoric combustion features”
Sharpe, Ashley BA 2009 IWD Title: “From the Ritual to the Rubbish: The Maya Osteoarchaeological Record of San Bartolo, Guatemala”
Sneeringer, Margaret BA 2009 IWD Title: “A GIS Analysis of Second Millennium BCE Site Location in Central Lydia, Western Turkey”
Stevens, Quincy BA 2009
Storozum, Michael BA 2009 IWD Title: “Ancient Maya Water Management: Investigations at Aguada Hormiguero, Peten, Guatemala”
LaVigne, Elisabeth MA 2009 Thesis: “A Micromorphological Analysis of Sediments from the Maya Site of K’Axob”
Robinett, Robby MA 2009 Thesis: “A Comparison of the Development of Cultural Heritage for Identity Creation in Australia and South Africa”
Wallace, Eliza MA 2009 Thesis: “A Multi-Scalar Analysis of Bronze Age Khirigsuur Burial Mounds in Hovsgol, Aimag, Mongolia”
Parks, Shoshaunna PhD 2009 Dissertation: “Archaeological Ethics and the Struggle for Community Legitimacy in the Maya Archaeoscape”
Runggaldier, Astrid PhD 2009 Dissertation: “Memory and Materiality in Monumental Architecture: Construction and Reuse of a Late Preclassic Maya Palace at San Bartolo, Guatemala”
Shelton, China PhD 2009 Dissertation: “A Paleoethnobotanical Approach to Central Apennine Economy and Identity in the Sangro River Valley, Abruzzo, Italy, 650 B.C.-A.D. 150”
Walter Blake, Marnie PhD 2009 Dissertation:“Universal ideals, local challenges: Approaches to archaeological heritage management at World Heritage sites”

Actis-Grande, Kathryn BA 2008
Allshouse, Allison BA 2008
Ashby, Darren BA 2008 IWD Title: “A Critical Analysis of Hasanlu Period V and Suggestions for its Redefinition”
Baker, Deanna BA 2008
Benz, Emily BA 2008
Castro, Jennifer BA 2008
Chasuk, Nicholas BA 2008
Eng, Natalie BA 2008
Feola, Joshua BA 2008 IWD Title: “Ancient Art and Contemporary Agency: Las Pinturas de San Bartolo, El Peten, Guatemala”
Forte, Kyle BA 2008
Henderson, Jessica BA 2008
Hidalgo, Lanita BA 2008
Hines, Jessica BA 2008
Joseph, Melissa BA 2008
Lamp, Jessica BA 2008
Langlitz, Joseph BA 2008
Lewis, Billy BA 2008
Merrigan, Maureen BA 2008
Pace, Sarah BA 2008
Raina, Shagun BA 2008
Rasche, Anna BA 2008
Shannon, Hope BA 2008
Starkey, Megan BA 2008
Swerida, Jennifer BA 2008 IWD Title: “Building YZ28-29 and its Implications for Hasanlu Period V”
Lentz, Megan MA 2008 Thesis: “Stemware in Colonial Boston: An Archaeological Exploration”
Lucas, Jane MA 2008 Thesis: “Tracing Ethnicty in the Iron I Levant”
Wang, Jing MA 2008 Thesis: “Archaeological World Heritage Management in P. R. China: Yinxu as a case”
Wolf, Nicholas MA 2008 PhD Candidate at Boston University Thesis: “Geoarchaeology of Iron Age Burial Mounds in Central Lydia, Turkey”
Dayton, Christopher PhD 2008 Dissertation: “Late Prehistoric and Modern Irrigation Agriculture in Torata, Peru”

Anderson, Rebecca BA 2007
Bishop, Jessica BA 2007
Burkitt, Mindy BA 2007
Chao, Glenda BA 2007 IWD Title: “A Preliminary Study of the Chinese Antiquities market: Historical Development and Current Trends”
Devault, Alison BA 2007 IWD Title: “Nature and Origins at Rubefied Layers from Roc de Marsell and Pech de L’Aze IV, France”
Fluder, Alexandra BA 2007
Gardner-Cook, Ryan BA 2007
Guidara, Andrea BA 2007
Howard, Joshua BA 2007
Jublou, Karen BA 2007
Kalik, Sandra BA 2007
Kim, Jenny BA 2007
Manghelli, Marisa BA 2007
McIntire, Jenna BA 2007
Piscitelli, Matthew BA 2007 IWD Title: “Deciphering the Dead: Mortuary Analysis of Burial Data from the 1995 Field Season at K’axob”
Poulsen, Jennifer BA 2007
Rehrer, Sarah BA 2007
Richardi, Jessica BA 2007
Sinczak, Konstancja BA 2007
Williams Jr., Jonathan BA 2007
Wing, Deland BA 2007
Wyllie, Elizabeth BA 2007
Abdu, Brook MA 2007 Thesis: “Revisiting Aksumite Culture”
Rinck, Brandy MA 2007 Thesis: “The Micromorphology of Archaic and Woodland Pits from the Sandy Hill Site, CT.”
Beranek, Christa PhD 2007 Dissertation: “Merchants, Gentry, Farmers, and Brokers: Archaeology of the Complex Identitites of the Tyng Family of Dunstable, Massachusetts in the Eighteenth Century”.
Harrison-Buck, Eleanor PhD 2007 Dissertation: “Materializing Identity Among The Terminal Classic Maya: Architecture And Ceramics In The Sibun Valley, Belize”
Hodge, Christina PhD 2007 Dissertation: “A Middling Gentility: Taste, Status, and Material Culture at the 18th-Century Wood Lot,Wanton Lyman-Hazard Site, Newport, Rhode Island”
Isaza Aizpurua, Ilean PhD 2007 Dissertation: “The Ancestors of Parita: Pre-Columbian Settlement Patterns in the Lower La Villa River Valley, Azuero Peninsula, Panama”
Vrba, Eric PhD 2007 Dissertation: “Beyond the Roman Frontier: A Case Study in Slovakia of the Impact of Roman Trade and Culture on Ancient German Settlements”

Bagley, Joseph BA 2006 IWD Title: “Life on the Frog Pond: A Prehistory of Boston Common”
Bateman, Lauren BA 2006
Brill, Nathaniel BA 2006 IWD Title: “Tell Asmar: Structure and Dynamics of a Neighborhood of Late 3rd Millennium BC Mesopotamia”.
Brinker, Christopher BA 2006
Carr, Danielle BA 2006
Coan, Jennifer BA 2006
D’Amore, Stephanie BA 2006
Dodge, Robyn BA 2006
Eppolito, Valerie BA 2006
Hilmer, Claire BA 2006
Horna, Casey BA 2006
Jacobs, Megan BA 2006
Kelaher III, Richard BA 2006
Leveille, Sarah BA 2006
Limerick, Nicholas BA 2006
Marshall, Tristan BA 2006
McGurl, Katie BA 2006
Mink, Derek BA 2006
Moss, Lindsay BA 2006
O’Brien, Bridget BA 2006
Pacyga, Johanna BA 2006
Schwartz, Anna BA 2006
Short, Jesse BA 2006
Stork, Leigh BA 2006
Sutherland, Frederick BA 2006 IWD Title: “Use, Rescue, and Desecration: Analysis and Investigation of the Lucy Kimball Mead Tomb, Littleton, Massachusetts”
Weight, Rachael BA 2006
Zobler, Kari BA 2006 IWD Title: “Puma Iconography in Tiwanaku Ceramics: A Stylistic Analysis of Artifacts from the French Scientific Mission”
Choate, David MA 2006 Thesis: “An Underwater Heritage Trail for Biscayne National Park”
McKissick, Kathryn MA 2006 Thesis: “The Buried China Cabinet: Active Collecting and the Ceramic Assemblage at
the Brome Plantation Slave Quarters Site”
Peterson, Polly PhD 2006 Dissertation: “Cave Use in the Sibun River Valley, Belize”

Aylward, Daniel BA 2005
Connor, Shawn BA 2005
Cox, Kameron BA 2005
Doherty, Heather BA 2005
Gonia, Brandon BA 2005
Hennecke, Jennifer BA 2005
Hurt, Kenneth BA 2005
Johnson, Scott BA 2005 PhD 2012 from
Tulane University
Author of: Translating Maya Hieroglyphs: An Introductory Testbook
Dissertation: Late and Terminal Classic Power Shifts in Yucatan: The View from Popola
Kao, Robin BA 2005
Leger, Jennifer BA 2005
LeJeune, Colin BA 2005
McCann, Jennifer BA 2005
Mollin-Kling, Leah BA 2005
Moreno, Meredith BA 2005 IWD Title: “Paleoethnobotanical Study of a Residence at the Site of Torre D’En Galmes in Menorca, Spain”
Skonberg, Laura BA 2005
Smith, Cecilia BA 2005
Smith, Jessica BA 2005
Veninger, Jacqueline BA 2005
Melendez Gonzalez, Julisa MA 2005 Thesis: “Archaeological Resources Management in Puerto Rico: Problems and Prospects”
Vining, Benjamin MA 2005 Thesis: “Flakes and Tools: Social Aspects of Lithic Material use at the Middle Horizon Site of Cerro Baul, Moquegua, Peru”
Allen, Susan PhD 2005 Dissertation: “The Paleoethnobotany of Sovjan, Albania”
Arpin, Trina PhD 2005 Dissertation: “Micromorphological Analysis of Four Early Neolithic Sites”
Brighton, Stephen PhD 2005 Dissertation: “An Historical Archaeology of the Irish Proletariat Diaspora: Material Manifestations of Irish Identity in America, 1850-1910″
Smith, Alexia PhD 2005 Assistant Professor of Anthropology at University of Connecticut, Storrs.  In 2011 won $400,000 NSF Career Award to conduct archaeobotanical research over a five year period at six archaeology sites in the Middle East. Dissertation: “Climate, Culture, and Agriculture: Examining Change in the Bronze and Iron Age Near East”
Tanyeri-Erdemir, Tugba PhD 2005 Dissertation “Continuity, Change, and Innovation: Considering the Agency of Rusa Ii in the Production of the Imperial Art and Architecture of Urartu in the 7th Century B.C.”
Thomas, Ben PhD 2005 Dissertation: “Maya Settlement and Political Hierarchy in the Sibun River Valley, Belize, Central America”

Andresen, Lars BA 2004
Atkins Jr., Robert BA 2004
Bernheisel, Michael BA 2004
Burns, Amanda BA 2004
Camire, Aaron BA 2004
Chan, Krystal BA 2004 IWD Title: “The State of American Geoarchaeology: Academics versus
Davis, Terressa BA 2004 IWD Title: “Using the Past to Serve the Present: The Uses and Misuses of Cambodia’s Archaeological Heritage”
Drolet, Elizabeth BA 2004
Etre, Kathryn BA 2004
Keim, Alexander BA 2004 PhD candidate at Boston University
King, Penny BA 2004
Krause, Kelly BA 2004
McIntosh, Keith BA 2004
Miller, Christopher BA 2004 IWD Title: “Micromorphology of Hell Gap, Yoming”
Peterson, Elizabeth BA 2004
Ramey, Katherine BA 2004
Rousseau, Jane BA 2004
Skidmore, Maeve BA 2004
Spurrier, Tracy BA 2004
Tennyson, Maria BA 2004
Wallace, Lacey BA 2004 IWD Title: “Fastening Identities, Dressing for Display: Artifacts of Personal adornment from the Spencer-Peirce-Little Farms in Newbury, Massachusetts, 1635-1986”
Watts, Amanda BA 2004
Yates, Donna BA 2004 IWD Title: “The Obsidian of the K’axob 1995 Season: Local patterns in long distance trade at a site in Northern Belize”
McClintock, Stacy MA 2004 Thesis: “Atlantic Division Naval Facilities Engineering Command”
Ortoli, Taryn MA 2004 Thesis: “A Geological Interpretation to an Archaeological Problem:  Micromorphology and Site History at Pech De L’Azè IV, Dordogne Valley, France”
Spensley Moriarty, Ellen MA 2004 Thesis: “Micromorphology of Construction and Culture at Trinidad De Nosotros, Petén, Guatemala”
Dixon, Christopher PhD 2004 Dissertation: “Indians in the House of God: A Social-economic Investigation of the Pottery from the San Antonio Mission Community”
Reck, Todd PhD 2004 Adjunct Professor Dissertation: “Reexcavating Michilimackinac: use of Harris Matrices to analyze stratigraphy for the purpose of studying French Canadian living in the South Southwest Rowhouse of Fort Michilimackinac”
Ernstein, Julie PhD 2004 Assistant Professor Dissertation: “Constructing Context: Historical Archaeology and The Pleasure Garden in Prince George’s County, Maryland, 1740-1790”

Alverado, Victor BA 2003
Boerner, Jennifer BA 2003
Carroll, Meredith BA 2003
Chaiken, Jonathan BA 2003
Charest, Michelle BA 2003
Khan, Sumra BA 2003
Lord, Wallis BA 2003
Manias, Evangeline BA 2003
McGill, Dru BA 2003 IWD Title: “The Key Word in Quality: A Quantitative Analysis of Egyptian Artifacts in U.S. Museums”
Mentzer, Susan BA 2003 IWD Title: “Burned features at Pech de l’Azé IV (Dordogne, France); micromorphological and microchemical evidence”
Midkiff, Hillery BA 2003
Mitchell Jr., Kevin BA 2003
Phelps, Karena BA 2003
Ranslow, Mandy BA 2003
Roberson, Michelle BA 2003
Rodriquez, Alejandro BA 2003
Sullivan, Richard BA 2003
Tam, Ana BA 2003
Wallace, Jelane BA 2003
Zakari, Andre BA 2003
Zmrzlik, Kathryn BA 2003
Dunwoody, Karin MA 2003 Thesis: “A morphometic database for cattle (bos taurus) from Spanish colonial California (ca. 1769-1830)”
Sennott Caldelari, Jennifer MA 2003 Thesis: “Writing on Wrecks: Underwater Archaeology and the US Print Media 1980-2000”
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Aguayo Jr., Jose BA 1997
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Campbell, Adria BA 1997
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Cotton, Christopher BA 1994 Attorney
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Baxter, Jane BA 1993 Assistant Professor
Davis, Zachary BA 1993 Sr. Archaeologist
Fuller, Elizabeth BA 1993
Gonzalez, Jason BA 1993
Hawley Holt, Catherine BA 1993
Jalutkewicz, Jane BA 1993
Morales, John BA 1993
Schultz, Kevan BA 1993
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Cleaves, Juliet BA 1990
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Harper-Cloney, Tamara BA 1990
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Cook, Lauren MA 1990 Senior Research Archaeologist
Dutton, David MA 1990 Thesis: “Thrasher’s China” or “Colored Porcelain: Mealtime at the Boot”
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Brighton, Nancy J. BA 1989
Coleman O’Hearn, Kathleen BA 1989
Gal Jr., Alfred F. BA 1989 Attorney
Garrigan Limjoco, Kathleen BA 1989
Marcuse Velasco Hart, Monica BA 1989 Court Interpreter
McCormack, Valerie BA 1989 PhD
Mills, Robin O. BA 1989 Historical Archaeologist
Sweeney, Mary A. BA 1989
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Barnett, William PhD 1989 V.P. & Chief Information Officer Dissertation: “The production and distribution of early Neolithic pottery in the Aude Valley, France”
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Aperlo, Peter E. BA 1988
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Pennington, Charles MA 1988

Basile, Joseph J. BA 1987 Professor
Conquest, Caroll B BA 1987
House, Alice L. BA 1987
Morris, Lynn E. BA 1987
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Anderson, Sally C. MA 1987 Contract Archaeologist Thesis: “Archaic Period Land Use in the Southern Tularosa Basin, New Mexico”
Bell, Edward L. MA 1987 Senior Archaeologist
Ernstein, Julie MA 1987
Finamore, Daniel MA 1987
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Goodwin, Conrad “Mac” PhD 1987 Author and Researcher Dissertation: “Sugar, time, and Englishmen: a study of management strategies on Caribbean plantations”
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Boling, Sarah J. BA 1986 Preservations & Cataloging Librarian
Fox, John BA 1986 Director of Research
Giblin, Paul A. BA 1986
Harriman, Scott M. BA 1986
Heyer, Michelle L. BA 1986
Mariaca Barnett, Mary T. BA 1986
Miller Willis, Laurie BA 1986
Good, Irene MA 1986 Research & Curatorial Associate
Hill, Douglas B. MA 1986 Attorney
Leach-Palm, Laura MA 1986 Contract Archaeologist
Macomber, Gerald M. MA 1986
Reese, Elena L. MA 1986 Contract Archaeologist
Hemans III, Frederick P. PhD 1986 Associate Professor Dissertation: “Late antique residence at Stobi,Yugoslavia”

Bell, Edward BA 1985
Good, Irene BA 1985
Litvak, Michael BA 1985
McDermott, Brendan J. BA 1985
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Forster-Castillo, Susana MA 1985
Jones, Donald MA 1985
Zamanis, Dino MA 1985

Angero Jr., Andrea A. BA 1984 Attorney
Chin, Laura J. BA 1984
Price, Barrett J. BA 1984
Quinn, Leslie E. BA 1984
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Albert Krainz, Erica BA 1983
Fleming, Linda M. BA 1983
Schoss, Johanna H. BA 1983
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Krolikowski, James E. MA 1983 High School Teacher

Bishop, Jude BA 1982
Lillios, Katina T. BA 1982 Associate Professor
Shea, John J. BA 1982 Full Professor Book: Stone Tools in the Paleolithic and Neolithic Near East: A Guide, Published by Cambridge Univ. Press

Condouris, Karen L. BA 1980
Del Nero, Patricia BA 1981
Thomas, Patrick, M. BA 1981 Associate Professor