Cabinet of Curiosity – Watch City Steampunk Festival

BU Archaeology Students participated in the Watch City Steampunk Festival in Waltham, May 13, 2017. “Find our camp on Waltham Common, and join us for a glimpse into the past. We are proud also to announce the unveiling of new finds from Ancient Egypt, including the mummy of Nanefer-ka-ptah, long considered lost to the world, […]

Arora, Hannigan, and Jiang recipients of a Center for Humanities Award

Wednesday, May 16th the Center for the Humanities held an award ceremony and reception.  Archaeology undergrads Aarti Arora, Elizabeth Hannigan, and Kailun Jiang recipients of The Alice M. Brennan Humanities Award at the ceremony.  The Alice M. Brennan Humanities Award supports studies in the humanities. Congratulations Aarti, Elizabeth and Kailun!

Emily Johnson and Prof. Marston win best poster award

Emily S. Johnson and John M. Marston received the best poster award at the 2017 Annual Conference of the Society of Ethnobiology, for the poster entitled “Elite Feasting and Monumental Dedication at Early Phrygian Gordion, Central Turkey”. This was the result of research Emily did as a UROP project with Prof. Marston in Spring 2017. Congratulations […]

Photos & Videos of Archaeology Workshop: FTIR Spectroscopy for the Study of Material Culture

The workshop was held Saturday, May 6 at Harvard University Center for Nanoscale Systems  and Sunday, May 7 at Boston University Department of Archaeology.  This workshop aimed to facilitate the sharing of knowledge directly useful to practitioners working with cultural heritage materials. There were presentations and discussions in the morning, followed in the afternoon by […]

The Levantine Ceramics Project (LCP)

The Levantine Ceramics Project (LCP) is an open, interactive website focused on ceramics produced in the Levant from the Neolithic era (c. 5500 B.C.E.) through the Ottoman period (c. 1920 C.E.). Here you can submit and find information—whether long published or newly discovered—about ceramic wares, shapes, specific vessels, scientific analyses, kiln sites, and chronology. The […]

Aarti Arora and Elizabeth Hannigan awarded BUCH Awards

Congratulations to Aarti Arora and Elizabeth Hannigan on receiving student awards funded by the Boston University Center for the Humanities.  The competition was keen and their success an impressive accomplishment.  Please join Archaeology faculty and staff in congratulating Arora and Elizabeth.