Aarti Arora and Elizabeth Hannigan awarded BUCH Awards

Congratulations to Aarti Arora and Elizabeth Hannigan on receiving student awards funded by the Boston University Center for the Humanities.  The competition was keen and their success an impressive accomplishment.  Please join Archaeology faculty and staff in congratulating Arora and Elizabeth.

Professors West and Marston Climate Change and Archaeology Radio Interview

Climate Change and Archaeology April 12, 2017 Hosted by Dr. Joseph Schuldenrein  – Indiana Jones: Myth, Reality and 21st Century Archaeology Click here for podcast. Episode Description In this episode we explore the role of archaeology in climate science, examining contemporary and ancient climate change. Our guests, Assistant Professor Dr. John Marston at Boston University’s […]

Alumna Anna Dhody recovered over 70 coffins

“The excavation is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Anna Dhody, Curator of the The Mütter Museum and Director of The Mütter Institute. “We now have months, perhaps years of work and research ahead of us. The remains will need to be cleaned and an inventory conducted before we will know the final number […]

Professor Berlin’s LCP Project receives a $55,000 grant

LCP got some good news this week! We’ll be receiving $55,000 over the next two years from the Austrian FWF, which is the country’s Science Fund (sort of the equivalent of our NSF) in conjunction with their new Open Research Data Project. We are partners with the Austrian Archaeological Institute in this grant, which will fund not […]

Professor Carballo Teotihuacan Project in Science Magazine

Professor David Carballo Teotihuacan in Science Magazine. The candidate for political office stood in a plaza, naked, bracing himself against the punches and kicks. The crowd roared, pulsing around him like a beating heart. People for whom he had risked his life in war after war hurled blows and insults from all directions. The candidate […]

Congratulations to Mary Clarke

Congratulations to Mary Clarke.  Her grant application to the Rust Foundation was approved.  The award will support her research project project on “Production of Stone and State: The Intersection of Ancient Maya Domestic and Institutional Economies”.  

Justin Holcomb published in the journal Paleoamerica

 Justin Holcomb’s research brief on the Connley Caves in Oregon has officially been published in the journal Paleoamerica, Volume 3, Issue 1.   http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/vVuQVqcQGzrH9DcG77wW/full Congratulations Justin!

Alumna Margo Brooks, New Resource Planning Specialist, NPS Northeast Regional Office

Margo Brooks is a new resource planning specialist in the NPS Northeast Regional Office. In 2005, Brooks began a career with the NPS and moved to the Denver Service Center in 2009 to provide compliance support to both the Transportation and Line Item Construction divisions. Brooks has worked closely with project managers and parks to […]