Mary Clarke’s CAS AR100, Summer I, class student reflections on the Day of Collective Engagement & Project

The PDF document includes all student reflections and responses to the Day of Collective Engagement or the BLM in Archaeology forum hosted by the Society of Black Archaeologists. Mary pulled a few quotes from their responses and placed them at the beginning of the document alongside the student’s name, college, and year. Here is the PDF,  […]

Alum, David Walton publishes his obsidian use-wear analyses

Alum, David Walton new article published online that presents his obsidian use-wear analyses from a site called Altica (1250-800 BC), Mexico, which is the earliest settlement documented for the Teotihuacan Valley. If you would like to check out the paper in full, you can do so through his faculty website ( tldr: they were doing […]

Amalia Perez-Juez new book

Arqueología de la Guerra Civil y la Dictadura Española: La historia NO escrita by Amalia Pérez-Juez Gil (Editor), Jorge Morín de Pablos (Editor), published by British Archaeological Reports (Oxford) Ltd, BAR International Series , #2965. Overview: Archeology of the Civil War and the Spanish Dictatorship collects contributions from different research teams that have worked on […]

David Walton (GRS’17) tenure and promotion

Dave Walton awarded tenure and Assistant Professor promotion at the Lake-Sumter College in Florida.  David received his PhD from Boston University Archaeology Program May 2017. His dissertation was on “The Production, Consumption, and Function of Stone Tools in Prehispanic Central Mexico: a Comparative Study of Households Spanning the Formative to Postclassic Period”. We are so […]

Curtis Runnels and Justin Holcomb (GRS’20) published article

Curtis and Justin have published an article in the journal Quaternary International titled “Deposit-centered archaeological survey and the search for the Aegean Palaeolithic: A geoarchaeological perspective.” Congratulations! Article Link: Abstract: Recent archaeological discoveries from the Greek islands of Crete and Naxos point to the presence of hominins in the Aegean Basin beginning at least in […]

Carolyn L. White (GRS’02) published a new book!

Carolyn L. White received her PhD from Boston University Archaeology in 2002. Carolyn is the Mamie Kleberg Chair in Historical Preservation, Professor of Anthropology, Director of Historical Preservation Program, Department of Anthropology, University of Nevada, Reno. Congratulations to Carolyn on her book, “The Archaeology of Burning Man: The Rise and Fall of Black Rock City.” […]