Michael D. Danti

mdantiAssistant Professor of Archaeology

Editor, Religious Studies Review
Fellow, Society of Antiquaries of London
Consulting Scholar, University of Pennsylvania Museum

Office: STO room 247C
(617) 358-1659
Curriculum Vitae
Web site: http://people.bu.edu/mdanti/


PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 2000
Areas of interest: Ancient Near East, emergence of complex societies, agropastoral economies, tribe-state relations and pastoral nomadic societies.


Michael Danti has worked on a number of archaeological projects from 1988 to the present, ranging from North America to the Middle East.

The Jezireh Regional Project
Tell Balabra Archaeological Project
Tell es-Sweyhat Archaeological Project
The Hasanlu Publication Project
(Principal Investigator)


In Prep.    Hasanlu Tepe (Iran): The Bronze Age. Hasanlu Excavation Reports III. University Museum Monograph (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Museum).

In Prep.    Hasanlu Tepe (Iran): The Early Iron Age Citadel.  Hasanlu Excavation Reports IV. University Museum Monograph (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Museum).

2007    Cradle of Civilization: The Land between the Rivers. Published in Chinese.  (with Richard L. Zettler; Beijing: Beijing World Art Museum).

2004    The Ilkhanid Heartland: Hasanlu Tepe (Iran) Period I. Hasanlu Excavation Reports II. University Museum Monograph 120 (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Museum).

In Press     “The Early Iron Age in Northwestern Iran,” in Daniel T. Potts, ed. The Oxford Handbook of Iranian Archaeology (New York: Oxford University Press).

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2010   “Late Middle Holocene Climate and Northern Mesopotamia: Varying Cultural Responses to the 5.2 and 4.2 ka Aridification Events,” in A. B. Mainwaring, R. Giegengack, and C. Vita-Finzi, eds. Climate Crises in Human History. Transactions of the American Philosophical Society. (Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society), pp. 139–172.

2007     “The Early Bronze Age in the Upper Euphrates River Valley and Northwest Jezireh, Syria,” (with Richard L. Zettler) in Edgar Peltenburg, ed. Euphrates River Valley Settlement: The Carchemish Sector in the Third Millennium BC. Levant Supplementary Series 5.  (Oxford: Council for British Research in the Levant/Oxbow Books), pp. 164–83.