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Elizabeth Mauer (CAS’15) Published her CAS AR206 research paper

August 6th, 2013

Boston University Department of Archaeology undergraduate major, Elizabeth Mauer, was interested in some ancient textile fragments we have in the Gabel Museum of Archaeology while she was looking for a project to do in Professor Curtis Runnels course CAS AR 206, Ancient Technology.  Her research led to some experimental work, and here is a published version of the paper she did for Professor Runnels class.

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Hank Lutton, archaeology graduate student shares his research

May 26th, 2013

Here are several photos from Hank Lutton’s current excavation on behalf of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in Williamsburg, Va. He is supervising Phase II of an extant ca. 1760 brick dwelling house, the Rabon-Saunders House on Ireland Street. While most of the historic stratigraphy has been displaced by late nineteenth and twentieth-century activities, they have recovered evidence of several outbuildings including a largely intact 8 by 10 foot brick footing for an eighteenth-century outbuilding, a fourth quarter nineteenth-century chimney base, a large, oblong, and enigmatic eighteenth-century pit feature they are still trying to ascertain the purpose of, a large eighteenth-century chimney base presumably from the original kitchen, and a ca. 1835-40 brick bat walkway. The attached files includes photos of several members of the crew and Hank with the eighteenth-century kitchen chimney base and second quarter nineteenth-century brick bat walkway. One shot shows the relationship with the house–which clearly leads from what would have been the original back door and cellar entrance to seal the earlier kitchen. The profile of Hank (taken by Rob Hunter (of “Ceramics in America” fame) shows him displaying a mid-twentieth-century Coca-Cola bottle manufactured in Bangor, Maine with the eighteenth-century Rabon-Saunders dwelling house behind Hank.


Hank holding bottle

Hank holding bottle

Walk kitchen house

Walk kitchen house

kitchen and walk

kitchen and walk

Professors Roosevelt and Luke make headlines with Hexacopter test

March 29th, 2013

Professor Christopher Roosevelt tested his latest research tool: a remote-controlled hexacopter.  The small six-rotor flying tool, equipped with a camera, will be used in Turkey by the Central Lydia Archaeological Survey, a Boston University archaeological project under the co-direction of Christopher Roosevelt, associate professor of archaeology,  and Christina Luke, senior lecturer in archaeology.


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Skeletal remains found at site add to mystery…

August 9th, 2012

Franco Rossi and Aviva Cormier find fragment of a human skull at the Professor William Saturno site in Xultún, Guatemala.

Click here for the BU Today article dated 08/09/2012.